[driver] SMT C7400 / SMT C7401 / Ziggo Mediabox XL

UPDATE: 17/02/2019

Implemented 2 features of the new SDK version (0.53.8) and 4 new buttons of the remote (which can be found on the back)

  • registerFavoriteHandlers()
    This allows a device that supports favorites (only TV, DVB or TUNER) to implement a custom handler, for example for channel "42", rather than 2 buttonHandler calls for "4" and "2", a single call with "42" will be made to the favoriteHandler.
    After the favorite is chosen, the favorite is sent to the Mediabox, including an ENTER key. This speeds up channel hopping considerably.
  • setDriverVersion(version)
    Setting the version allows you to tell the Brain about changes to your devices components. If you for example add new buttons to a device, you can increase the version and this will let the Brain know to fetch the new components (NOTE: the Brain will only add new components, updating or removing old components is not supported).
    This was needed for registering the favorites handler and the new color buttons support.
  • .addButtonGroup('Color Buttons')
    Implemenents the 4 colored buttons on the back of the remote. Since no other implementation on the web for the Ziggo Horizon box has this, i am not sure if anybody IS going to use these. This means; if they screw up the interface to much i might even remove them in a future update.

UPDATE: 14/02/2019

I've restructured my code to move to the neeo-cli way of running this driver; more information and the new code can be found on GitHub. It looks like it 'works on my machine'.

Next step is trying to see if i can emulate the keyboard on the back, but i can't promise anything there. Basically i have already implemented all keys which can be found on various forums and implementing other keys is guesswork. I did find the codes for the color buttons green/red/blue/yellow on the back of the remote, so it does seem that more keys CAN be sent which no other implementation (Homey/OpenHAB/Domoticz) currently supports.

Original post:

The Dutch television provider Ziggo issues a so called 'Mediabox XL'. At the time of writing, this is either an SMT C7400 or an SMT C7401. Both devices don't have a discrete power on and power off command making them 'dumb devices' for Neeo.

Note: I have been mixed feelings with how Neeo handles dumb devices. Personally i think the current way how this is implemented means the remote is unusable for our partners and (small) kids, especially if they are non-native English like mine. I really hope Neeo will take the feedback of all beta testers and current active users into consideration and change/prioritize this.

With that said, i'll now focus in this topic on trying to make the Ziggo Mediabox XL 'smart', since that is something Neeo wants us to do, and which they have provided the Neeo SDK for. More information on the SDK and other drivers being developed, can be found here.

I've investigated online and came across some reading material which should make it possible to create my own 'driver', including discrete power handling so the device is no longer seen as a dumb device and basically solve 'my' problems for now.

Reading material used:

Basically i will be combining the best of the above in creating the Neeo driver.

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  • Gilles van den Hoven since i´m running on your "next" branch with systemd i cannot control my Volume of my Onkyo AVR anymore.

    Do you know anything about this?

    I´ve already check the receipe, the other receipes with the Onkyo included all working fine.

    Can you give a little bit of help at this?

  • I upgraded to the 'next' branch as well, now i'm getting:

    ziggo-horizon:manager - deviceId not found.

    Each time i press a button. did a quick lookup but don't know where it should come from.

    could anyone point me in the right direction to look for this? thank you

  • Knetsooj and Benjamin Wolonkiewicz I am modifying this driver to run under @neeo/cli  server. Please stay tuned for an updated version.

    • Gilles van den Hoven thx for this Information. 

      Will be there some changes or modifcations or only the usage of CLI? 

    • Benjamin Wolonkiewicz it will be based on the new CLI indeed and it is the 'next' branch; so it might fix some issues (i don't know if you guys have any issues atm)

    • Gilles van den Hoven the only Thing I'm missing is the Feature to type Letters in the search Bar. 


      Is it possible to add this function to replace the original remote completly? 

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    • Benjamin Wolonkiewicz That is actually quite a good idea :) however, it is a mess to find any IR codes for this box. My repo on github has al 'known' codes already. I don't know if there are codes at all for the keyboard (it might be sent via FM and not via IR). I can try and debug something but i am not sure i will be able to implement it. Challenge accepted.

    • Gilles van den Hoven good to hear, but i think it's not possible. 

      Maybe is there a Chance to do that over IP? 

    • Benjamin Wolonkiewicz after quite some Google searches i did find another set of keys i can send (blue/red/green/yellow) and maybe more. Since these keys are on the physical keyboard on the back, it might not be so bad looking after all.

      BTW, the latest code using neeo-cli runs locally here!


    • Gilles van den Hoven thx for the info. I will test this maybe on this saturday. 

      I've no idea for what i can use the coloured Buttons. I never used then before 😀

    • Benjamin Wolonkiewicz so i managed to find how to type using my driver, which is good, because it has never been done in any implementation before.

      However, today Ziggo announced the new mediabox which actually seems to be quite fast in comparison. So i am not sure i will be able to add it to the Neeo remote (more so because there is no nice UI to add the keyboard to the Neeo remote according to Niels de Klerk )

      I think i'll see if i can at least make support for typing in the driver, but i don't want to commit to it.

    • Gilles van den Hoven ok, thanks for this Information. 

  • Dears,

    I changed my old Horizon box for a new UPC TV Box (which looks a lot but is not an android box). Anyone else here ? I got used to the great work of Gilles so going back to Neeo default and very bad implementation for this box is a bummer :)

    • Loic That sucks, can't you get an box which does work from UPC?

    • Gilles van den Hoven hahaha. Actually the new box seems to be a lot more stable (and fast!)  compared to the Horizon ... So I am quite happy on that front but obviousy I lost the convenience of your implementation and now I am back to dumb IR device for Neeo.

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    • Loic  the new box "Horizon Next" is also appearing here in the Netherlands. What device do you need to add from the Neeo remote to add it?

    • Gilles van den Hoven  in my case the device was called UPC Cablecom TV Box (and it is now version 3). As you search is crappy so you need to type almost the complete name for it to appear. Not sure if the is the same as horizon next but probably :-)

    • Loic  Does it work with descrete power on/ power off commands or does assumption mode work correctly? Did you connect it via HDMI-CEC?

    • Gilles van den Hoven Unfortunately no discrete on/off (or not implemented). My brain is not connected thru HDMI so cannot comment on this second one ... But what is sure is that UPC has a mobile app that is capable of commanding the box over IP so there is hope if someone spend the time to reverse it :)

  • Gilles van den Hoven@: I'm always struggling with the configuration (config/default.json). (Please  note that I'm not too experienced in js and node.js).

    Somehow it trows me an "Error: Cannot find module 'config'". I edited default.json only to add a fixed-ipadres, nothing else. Set permissions  to ugo+RWX on dir and file.

    Most of the time I managed to get it working, but "out of the box", it's always causing problems. 

    Running on OSX (local testing) and Docker. Source is latest version from github, node = v 11.9.0.

    Any guidance  would be appreciated!

  • @Followers; updated the github code with version "1" of the driver (see start post)

    • Gilles van den Hoven Does your driver supports ZIGGO Next too? This has become the new standard mediabox from Ziggo...

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