Whole house audio with chromecast audio and plex

Just wondering if anyone else has a setup like this.  And if they have done any testing yet??

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  • Hey Nick H !

    It's a good question and I too have a chromecast connected home with both audio and "video" cast.

    sorry I can't help you with the answer but it might be good to know that more people are thinking about the same thing.

  • I also have Chromecasts (Audio) in every room. iI do not have plex but Emby/Kodi instead.

    My dream is to control spotify (on which device??) with NEEO and cast the sound to any chromecast (group)

  • Same here. I equally use Spotify and Chromecast Audios for music streaming and KODI for video.

    So far, neither the Google Cast protocol, nor a native Spotify app are implemented. This is not to say that it won't happen, it's just not there yet.

    It would be totally awesome if NEEO could power on the right music device, switch to the Chromecast input, open Spotify and stream the music to the Chromecast. Let's see.

  • Beni   Hold up. I think I missed something and I've been using XBMC for a long time.  Even running on the Xbox.  

    With kodi.  You have it playing back audio IN SYNC on all chromecast audios?   Please fill me in. 


    So so far the only way I found to do this was with a mix of google home app (using groups) and plex.  

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