NEEO remote on 97%??

Raphael Patrick Just an observation over the last few days of owning my wonderful NEEO.  When I take the remote off the charger even if it has been on for over 12 hours or more it is always at 97%.  Now obviously with use that goes down but it never has charged over 97% yet.  Just wondering why.

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  • Mine does the same. It also drains to 50% in 12 hours even when it is not being used.

    • Vaibhav Patel This sounds very wrong. Can you confirm it's still the case? What firmware version are you running? I have an average of about a month battery with light use and up to two weeks with heavy use. Often the battery usage can vary a bit from firmware to firmware. Sometimes newly introduced features drain the battery a bit more and in the following update things are optimised. We had that a couple of times in the past. But in any case the charge should hold much, much longer compared to what your unit provides. Can you send us a screen shot of the ABOUT screen of our NEEO remote? I'm sure we can fix that one. Gracias

    • Raphael So I looked into this further. The battery drain was due to manipulating recipes frequently and of course due to constant tinkering with the device. When used for routine purposes it lasts several days.

  • The Power Dock provides a Battery friendly charge cicle, means, the Power is not held at 100% when it once gets full. It means, that the charger drains some amount of the Power from the Battery (or let the remote do it by using the processor) and then refills it. That is done to provide a better Battery Life, therefor it can be that when you unplug your remote, it hase a few percentage less then 100%.

    • Markus Mahr I looked into it more and did find the same thing happens in other products.  Thanks for your input to this!

    • Dave Overbaugh No Problem, this is what this Planet is for!

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