The ability to "Use __ Volume"

Can't find how to add "Use ____ Volume" in a custom recipe. I can only add this to recipes for a specific device. 

I need to use my AV Receiver's volume instead of my tv.

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  • You are right, that is not yet possible. I have just increased priority on that one to get that into one of the next releases. There is a "pretty dirty" work around for getting that by just adding any device or a device you actually have again.

    Could your describe a bit more what you are trying to achieve with the custom recipes, I am sure then we can find a solution so that you don't have to wait with that for the next update.

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    • Patrick I believe I have a similar issue. My son received a Nintendo Switch for his birthday. It can output via HDMI to a TV. The custom recipe is simple: Turn on TV, Switch Input to HDMI 2.  All other recipes use my AV receiver for volume but for this one, I'd like to use the remote volume button to control the TV's volume.  Not sure how to do that.  

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  • This seems like this would be a more common issue.  I've got this request as well.  My custom recipe to turn on the TV, the AV receiver, switch to all the right inputs, then leave the remote on the 'cable' controls at the end.  But I think the original posting was suggesting an addition command that would allow the volume controls to be from a different device than the 'cable' device. Which would be the AV receiver.

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  • Basically, in any recipe, no mater what commands, I want to set the remote's volume to control a specific device. In my case, my AV Receiver handles the volume. Others might use the TV volume etc. 


    This could also be broadened to separate the channel controls va the volume controls or both together as Rick said. 

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  • The use cases are infinite - it's not just about why... It's more of a "duh" kind of moment. When a recipe wraps up we want to assign channels to cable box, volume to receiver and heck, menu button to start a sprinkler running in the yard... It should be simply assignable to anything. So the use button(s) to this device is critical to any automation control. Please add me to the pants-on-fire important to have list.

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  • Reading all the comments the last few days I keep thinking that a computer application that allows users to map all screens and functions would be useful.

    I think many of these setup issues stem from the limited way that phone apps can handle complex tasks where there are many branching options.

    A computer app would allow arranging screens, arranging buttons on the screens (and the hard buttons) and assigning functions to buttons, custom or otherwise. A user could see all of their menus laid out in one view and how they relate to each other.

    A debugging view with pause and start could slowly step through recipes and setups for finding problems.

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  • This sounds very similar to the "punch through" feature of URC remotes. Basically you can decide which device gets the command when you press specific buttons.

    This is limited to a few, but really covers most use cases - Volume, channel, play and power


    Here is the section from one of the manuals

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    • I realized is totally misread the original post - oops! You right it's not in the custom recipe but does exist on the device power on/off recipes. 

      For custom recipes, you can send commands to any device. That allows you to leave things as you see fit. 

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    • Jay Donoghue The difference is that while we can add a if vol up button is pressed send av receiver vol up, and then program one of these for every single punch through. Very ugly solution. The use volume from function just takes care of it all. but Jon up above really nailed it on the head, the ability to look at all screens and individually assign what's going on from a PC/Mac would be superior to the simplistic iOS/android app.

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    • Peet Wright it would make sense to put this in the voting area, so it doesn't get lost. I agree that easier programming would be useful. This is what makes home automation and av so fun - so many different setups and needs!

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  • any updates on the add 'use volume' feature? without it I can't really create any recipe of my own as all my sound comes from the AV receiver

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    • Nikolaus Zahn when you first start a recipe you will get a “wizard” I think it’s named cable salad. There you can select how everything is connected. When you select the option that your device is directly connected to your TV then your TV will be used for volume control. If you select the device-AVR-TV option then the AVR will be used for volume control.


      to get the wizard again, go to settings devices and select the device associated with the recipe. Then select the “reset wiring” option. The next time you start the recipe with the App you will get the wizard again.

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  • thanks Niels de Klerk but in this case i use two devices i have set up previously (Blu-ray->Denon AVR->LG TV) but want to use it in a different way (Blu-ray->Denon AVR) without the TV as i just want to listen to CDs... I can start a new recipe, add the Power On for both devices, then maybe wait a few seconds, then select Input Blu-ray and finally show controls of the Blu-ray player.. but there is no 'use volume denon avr' button to add.. also there is nothing i can rewire?

    PS: maybe my problem is that my oppo Blu-ray player is both connected directly to the 4k TV (Video) as well as wired through to the Denon AVR (Sound).. so i selected 'directly to the TV' in the initial wizzard.. might try the other option later... thanks for the tip with the reset wiring!

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    • Nikolaus Zahn could you add the same Blu-ray player again and name it CD or something. Then follow the cable salad and select the option Device-AVR-TV

      now go and edit the startup and shutdown recipes and remove the TV steps. Or change them to TV power off. Whatever works best for you. This should solve your issue and have the same device used in two seperate use cases. One for video and one for audio only.

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    • Niels de Klerk This is a good workaround but like it was mentioned in a previous post there should be a volume punch through option like many other universial remotes. It should be part of the wizard at the cable salad step which the wizard asks which device you use for volume. 

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    • Kesna Lawrence Nikolaus wanted two recipes, one for watching A Blu-ray and one for playing music (CD). Both using his AVR.

      I don’t know what post you are referring to, if you like to address a new feature then please use the idea voting section. This way you bring a feature request under the attention of the NEEO guys. I’m just sometimes helping out others.

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  • Niels de Klerk that worked great! thanks for the tip. It takes some getting used to adding the same device multiple times for different use scenarios - one would think that's what recipes are for :) but i can definitely live with that procedure :)

    PS: i added the AV receiver a second time and named it 'CD' instead of the Blu-ray player so it didn't prompt me for a TV, and also automatically sets 'CD' (really the AV receiver) for master volume

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    • Nikolaus Zahn in this case it’s more a workaround. With your AVR tuner it’s actually a seperate device from a NEEO point of view. :-) I’m glad it works!

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    • Niels de Klerk if i added an additional Blu-ray player instead then this would have been a separate device for neeo as well, no? ;)

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  • Same here. 

    Want to control Settop-Box, TV-App or whatever but use the Volume & Mute from AVR.

    Any ETA for this feature? Patrick

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    • Patrick Jeff Thoughts on this feature. Is it in the voiting section? I didn't see it. 

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      • Jeff@NEEO
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      • Jeff
      • 4 mths ago
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      Kesna Lawrence To get this you can simply add a "Dummy Tv" or if you're actually going to use a specific device you own you can add that device again and edit that recipe. The "Use____Vol" will already be included. 


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