Node.JS Docker

Is anyone using a docker for the SDK? If so which one?

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  • It should work with any of the official node docker images of version 6, node:boron for example.

    Brain discovery might not work depending on the network settings of the docker container, it might be best to specify the IP of the Brain using the BRAINIP environment variable.

  • I am kind of new to Docker, do you know where a template I can download is?

  • Honestly unless you have a need to make a docker image, its a lot easier to run it on an always on machine with a tool like PM2.  Docker adds a bunch of overhead depending on where you are going to host it. On a windows machine for example you have to have windows 10 and it has to support hyper-v. 

    Patrick did post a link to the official node docker image, you can follow the instructions on how to compile your docker container.

  • I have an unraid server that's on 24/7 and it's running a half dozen dockers already. I'll poke around and see if I can't learn something along the way. If all else fails I'll spin up a Linux vm just for this. 

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