Zwave secondary controller (Nexia)

Got my Blackcat today! (California backer 5064). Tried adding the Neeo to my Nexia zwave network (wasn't sure if I should do the "add to existing network" or "copy from existing controller"). I think I did the add to existing option and it seemed to work ok. A number of my zwave devices showed up with names and there were a few labeled unknown. I added the names ones and then clicked on them from the devices list. I then get the option to configure it by giving a parameter id, number of bytes, and a value. Not sure what to do with that. I was hoping that for my zwave thermostat (trane), it would give me the basic thermostat controls. Just thought I'd share what I've seen and look forward to increased capabilities in the future. 

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  • Robert Madsen

    It would problem good to mention the devices here which were identified as unknown. They may be in the database, but not recognized properly or not in included in the database yet.

    • Paul Spee I have two door locks (one a deadbolt and the other a regular door lock, both Schlage locks). It lists one but one of them is one of the unknowns. I think  another unknown is my Linear garage door opener/sensor.  I think the other unknown device is my First Alert smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. 

    • Robert Madsen 

      ZCOMBO is recognized when included by the NEEO operating as primary controller. I am not sure about the case where there NEEO is running about the primary controller. There is a Linear GD00Z-2 listed in the database. If your device is different, you may want to request the device to be added.

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