Advice before buying: Can Neeo do all this?



I’m following the Neeo remote for quite a time now, and i’m still not 100% sure it can do what i want. Before buying (it’s not cheap) and before putting a lot of time in trial and error, I would like to know if it can do what I want since I read mixed reviews.

Here is my setup (in fact one of my setups, because I’ll start with on and see how it goes)

-TV : Panasonic TX-50EX780 (cabled ethernet, HDMI to receiver)

-Amp: Pioneer VSX 921 (cabled ethernet) in closed cabinet

-BluRay: Pioneer BDP LX55 (cabled ethernet, HDMI to receiver) in closed cabinet

-Set top box: Telenet ADB  AD220 (cabled ethernet, HDMI to receiver) in closed cabinet

-Raspberry 3b with Kodi (cabled ethernet,HDMI to receiver) in closed cabinet

-Sonos Connect (cabled ethernet,analog to receiver) in closed cabinet

-Different Philips Hue lights

-Legrand-Bticino Home automation MyHome (openwebnet) (lightning, shades, heating, …) on cabled ethernet.

Different IP security Cameras


At start I just would like Neeo to replace my old Harmony, in other words doing the following:

  • Button watch TV: Turn on TV on the right HDMi input, Turn on Amp on the right HDMi input, defined volume, Turn on settop box, all this with 1 button press, volume buttons on the remote control the amp, channel buttons and arrows control the set top box

  • Button watch movie: Turn on TV on the right HDMi input, Turn on Amp on the right HDMi input, defined volume, Turn on settop box, all this with 1 button press, volume buttons on the remote control the amp, play, pause, FF, RWD buttons and arrows control Kodi

  • Button listen to music: Turn on Amp on the right analog input, defined volume, all this with 1 button press, volume buttons on the remote control the sonos, play, pause, FF, RWD buttons and arrows control sonos and access to tune-in radio and playlists via the touchescreen

  • The panasonic remote has a Netflix button, this should be present on Neeo too, maybe with a Netflix activity button

  • Button watch Bluray: you kwon what this should do.


Then we could go a litte further :

Add lights (hue and MyHome) light to the scenes/recipies, and have full control of aal the automation

I also have different IP camera’s, could be nice to see the video stream on the remote screen


So my question is can Neeo do the first part flawlessly?

Sorry for the long post.

Thank you


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  • Hello JP Colin

    you can create recieps for all you mentioned. for Kodi you need an SDK driver i think... theres no native driver yet. but some of the users allready did that here. in the future there will be a native Kodi support i think.

    SONOS is fully supportet on NEEO, i use them by my self and it works pretty well.

    I also use the "Netflix" Button in my recieps, it also works pretty well.

    i think what you like to control in your first part, is workin. excluded native Kodi support. also all of your HUE Lights will be supportet.

    Maybe in the future also your IP Cameras, but fore sure, not yet.

  • Thanks for the quick reply, i'm reading on the forum since posting my message.

    It seems you make a recepe to power on a receiver with sonos state as a sensor, so even when using the sonos app, the receiver will power on, great thing!

    I have read a little about the smartener and assuption mode, how well does it work? Because i think my set to pbox is a stupid device, and i don't want the stupid device screen. The harmony handels this with a assuption like mode very well.


    Dou you any advice for my TV since the brain will be in the cabinet and the remote does not have a IR emiter itself. I don't want to put a IR emmiter on the cabinet or TV, unless you can stick in on the rear of the TV but u don't think this works. Any chance the TV can be controlled by IP? 

    • JP Colin Perfekt.

      there is no assuption mode like the one on the Harmony. what you can do is start the reciepe again, this is very similar to the assuption mode. i had a Harmony 1100 and struggled over the same problems first.

      you can add a IR extender, it's delivered with your brand new NEEO. but you have to put it in front of the IR receiver from your TV. i'm not sure if you can Control your TV over IP, but maybe it works over HDMI CEC..

  • I wil have to check CEC then.


    What do you mean about the assuption mode? start the reciepe again? I understood it was similar to the harmony logic. The assumtion mode on Neeo is a new feature, have you tested taht already?

    • JP Colin no i haven't tested it. i don't have any stupid devices, so i don't need it.

      sorry for that.. i missunderstod. :)

  • JP Colin These may be helpful if you have not seen them already.

  • Regarding the closed cabinet, how it works with all your devices will depend on how closed the cabinet is, how separated all the devices are, and what the door is made of. I have my NEEO brain on top of my (not closed) rack, and the extender is about 8 feet out to get in front of the projector, and I have no problem controlling everything in the rack, the projector, a space heater, and the lighting.

    The one thing I'm not sure of, because I haven't tried, is designating a volume in your recipes. My processor has a designated volume, so I've not attempted to have NEEO set it.

    My recipes are basically:

    Turn on lights (Lutron Maestro) > Turn on projector > Turn on Processor > Turn on [desired source] > Select [corresponding HDMI input]

    PLUS: Use source controls with processor volume, ADD screen for lighting control to each recipe

    The only thing I wish I could do is tie the lighting to Play/Pause, so that I could have the lighting dim when you hit play, and raise when you hit pause.

  • Unfortunatly my receiver has no designated volume per input, so when using Sonos for example the volume should be turned up automaticaly to a particular volume since i have to use the sonos volume adjustment. But this means the volume should be should be turned down automaticaly to a particular volume when starting another reciepe otherwise i will damage my speakers.

    Neeo combo is ordered ;-)


    Thank for all the help and advice.