Neeo causing network latency?

Hi All

Since setting Neeo up in my house it seems that the network is very slow. This seems to affect everything: streaming netflix, requesting webpages but it's most noticeable when trying to control my hue lights (not from Neeo).

I have some Raspberry Pis that run node-red that control the lights in my house. It now takes 5 seconds or more for the light to respond after clicking the button. 

I have now unplugged the brain from the network and it seems to have solved the issue.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is the brain flooding the network with broadcast requests or something?

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  • Giles Roadnight I will check if a developer has time to jump in here.

    Up to know I have not heard anything similar. We have Hue and Netflix in an endless number of setups. Since we have not had any similar report, I assume this is not a general issue.

    Which firmware are you running on the NEEO Brain? 

  • As far as i know, the Brain only requests the Status of hue a few times per minute, but this not changing the bahviour of my hue Setup. Also no high latency is measurable by me, and using Netflix and Amazon Video and the Hue Controls very often, also outside of NEEO.

  • I only mentioned hue as one aspect of the slow network. I don't think that it is a particular problem with hue. As I said other network activities seem slow as well.

    Another weird thing is that it seems to have broken wemo functionality on my raspberry pi.

    I don't know what the wemo node on node-red does but after I have plugged in my neeo brain node-red will not boot up.

    The node that is affected is:
    (I've not had time to look through the code yet but I know that it does discover wemo devices somehow so possibly there is a conflict).

    • Giles Roadnight It can have something to do with the Integration tests of Alexa and NEEO. All Recipes will be shown as wemo switches in Alexa, but are showed as offline. Therefor it can interfer your node wemo implementation.

      What Hardware is involved in you Network? Can you make more detailed feedback of when you see the latency issues? I allready read, that you see it via streamimg and via Hue, but that are both also working at my setup. So im wondering what can make the difference. I have many Network Devices at home and all are connected and still work normal. I have build 10/100/1000 mbit/sec switches and make use of them, thats why i ask where you see the latency and what hardware is involved.

    • Markus Mahr yes, the developer of the wemo node has said that neeo is acting somewhat like a wemo device so that's why it is breaking it.


      On my network off the top of my head I have Google wifi with 3 nodes. I have probably 30 devices active on the network at any time (but every little activity). I have 9 hue bulbs I think, 3 wemo switches, a Nas, sky box, amp, xbox 360, 3 raspberry pis, 2 computers, 2 laptops, some mobile phones, nest protect, nest thermostat, 3 nest cams.
      A lot of devices but none are producing a lot of traffic. The cameras will stream data but not a huge volume.

    • Giles Roadnight Interessting, it is nearly the same usage in my network, but i don't see such heavy load. I use Fritzbox as the router and a wifi mesh repeater. also nearly all other parts you said are available in my network, but i have minimum 11 bulbs reachable for hue. so that doesn't seem the issue, only not available at my networ is the nest stuff, i use tado° instead. Maybe the "not available" Code of the nest is causing the issue? Can be, that it is not fully deleted out of the NEEO Brain and causes lot of traffic, but that only a Developer at NEEO can say.

      Patrick allready filed it as written from him. Maybe someone will reply in the next few days.

  • firmware version is 0.47.9-20170629-28fa9fa-1106-170431


    is up to date according to the app.

  • hmmmm... this is interesting. I noticed similar issues, especially with my hue setup, but I didn't connect these issues to my NEEO. Will unplug my NEEO tomorrow to see if something changes.

  • I've also noticed latency or disruptions lately on websites and Xbox One games.

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