Denon HEOS

Right now there is no Denon HEOS device on the list.

Would be nice to control those like you can with Sonos. The HEOS protocol can be found here: http://denon-uk.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5744/~/heos-control-protocol-%28cli%29

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  • there is the Heos Soundbar now but no success in controlling it via the Neeo...

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  • Would be nice if you could ad Heos as well. It sounds way bether than Sonos in my Ears and its THE Sonos Alternative.

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  • Little Workaround until we get a full featured HEOS Client from NEEO.


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  • Is there any progress from Neeo about this support? I have 4 HEOS speakers and 2 amps and 1 receiver I want to control thru my brand new remote

    Sandro B is there a guide somewhere hos to install these scripts?

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      • Sandro B
      • Sandro_B
      • 1 yr ago
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      Hi Micael

      Yes, there is a good guide writen by  Niels de Klerk  about how to install and use the Neeo SDK. To run the Heos Script you only need to have Node.JS up and running on your platform (Windows, Mac, Synology or Raspberry) and install the NEEO SDK. All other Steps needed ar listet on the GitHub Page. Don't expect to much from the Script. Its a very early Alpha which can add your Speakers to the Neeo, allows Volume and Playback Control and displays the Cover from the now playing song. It is not possible to add Tracks or choose Playlists as the SDK does not offer the needed Funkctions. You need to use the HEOS or Spotify App for now.



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  • Unfortunately I don't how to install it or run it anyway. I Installed the node V8.9.4 on my Imac. But that's all. I don't now how to add the denon heos module. I need a noobie description apparently. So my hope is that neeo will implant this soon, but with only 21 votes. It's never gonna happen

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  • Already voted on this one a few months ago.

    I would really appreciate if NEEO could take the time to add support for the HEOS system just like they did for Sonos.
    I currently have 7 various HEOS speakers spread around my appartment (including a HEOS bar with two HEOS 3 as stereo speakers) and being able to control all of them with just the one NEEO remote would be geat!

    Sandro B did a great job with his driver but not everyone can make it work (know how and additional hardware required).


    Thanks NEEO!

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  • Finally, I moved the voting HEOS support to the Archive. We will continue here. All missing votes are counted. (13)

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    • Ingrid Hi :) How is the progress on Heos support? I'm considering buying a Neeo. But it depends on if it will support Heos (1,3,5,7) in the near future. 

      Thank you in advance.

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    • Hi,  Marvin Oude Avenhuis. Thank you for reaching out to us and for your interest in NEEO. 🙂

      Since we set priorities for future firmware updates with the number of votes, to be honest, this is not a high priority yet. Therefore, this is not on our roadmap for the next coming updates and I can't set any timeframe. I'm sorry to have no better news for you at the moment.

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