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Further to my post yesterday, I thought it would be helpful to write a separate post with questions I have regarding the update schedule for the software and firmware moving forward. I would therefore appreciate it if you could give an indication of when things will be addressed - it would be most helpful if a rough time for expected completion could be included so as to better manage expectations - it doesn't have to be accurate and I'm sure people won't hold NEEO to exact dates but rough months would be better than "coming soon" type predictions. If you don't know, please just say that also.

My list (NEEO users feel free to add others in the comments as I am sure I will miss things) - the first few are the ones that impact me, I have added others that I have seen users asking about too:


1) The Smartener feature and Stupid Device changes (if they are being implemented at different times, please indicate)

2) The fix for the Smart Delay bug

3) The update that will allow users to edit the favourites/screen display order etc

4) Full Nest integration

5) Plex handling and support

6) SONOS fixes (if they haven't been implemented already)

7) A list of fully supported HA devices - the current "works with NEEO" is not fully accurate. This could be the "buyers guide" mentioned by Raphael

8) Integration with voice speakers

9) Full hue support (requested by commenter)

10) Advanced Kodi support which was a promised feature long time ago. (requested by commenter)

11) Amazon Fire support (requested by commenter)

12) Wake on LAN (requested by commenter)

Many thanks


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  • James Long All items mentioned here are in the backlog (among roughly 800 other stories). The Beta team sometimes knows upfront what's potentially coming but nothing can be guaranteed. Some features need longer and intense testing some others make it into the product quicker. Several items include legal negotiations and marketing effort. To set your expectations right: We will not be able to provide such ETAs. We will keep informing everyone on social media and here on Planet NEEO of course once its ready to be announced. Thanks for understanding. PS: There is a good chance that at least one of the items above will be coming in the next release. Still depending on testing. Thanks

  • 9) Full Hue support

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  • Advanced Kodi support which was a promised feature long time ago.

    IR learning feature to support devices not included in the database.

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  • I'm in agreement with the above, but also Amazon Fire support and native Wake On Lan functionality would be nice.

    • James Vincent cool, added to the list (not sure if the last one is possible but we can ask)

      Raphael or anyone at team NEEO - is there any response on the above please? Many thanks

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