BT Youview Box - Missing commands and odd Power Off Command


I recently started using this dumb device since assumption mode is now a thing. I was using the Humax DTR-T1000 as a device to get around this previously but this caused a few problems even though essentially its the same device. Couple of things Im missing from the BT Youview Box which were on the Humax and worked OK. 

On the Play Pause screen 3rd across there is a recordings and live option on the Humax, could these be added to the BT Youview Box on the same screen. Also the command MyView is missing (i think this is the same command as recordings). 

Power Toggle Off is another odd one. Testing it its essentially just a power toggle which is fine, its dumb i get that but it seems to be "Digit 1" then "Power Toggle". Could we lost the digit 1, every time i power off it goes to channel 1 which is not needed.


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  • There Andy for sure can help you out.

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  • Hello Jim Trout thank you for reporting this. I have forwarded your request, we will come back to you shortly.


  • Jim Trout

    Done! I have corrected all of this in the BT driver. The new data appears around 12AM CET. Thanks!

      • Jim Trout
      • Jim_Trout
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Thank you Andy, perfect and super quick :) 

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