"Please wait" is coming up more and more often on the remote lately

As the title says, I've been receiving a temporary "Please wait" message pretty constantly lately when trying to use the NEEO Remote.

I've got Google WiFi set up and the signal is excellent throughout the entire house. That led me to wonder if it's possible the remote is switching between different access points perhaps?

I'm usually not looking at the remote's screen when it happens, I just wonder why my commands stopped working, and then look down to see the "Please wait" message. It usually shows up for between like 1-6 seconds and then goes away. Sometimes after the message goes away, my queued up commands seem to complete. Other times, they don't. Every time I have looked at the remote screen during this issue, the wifi signal looks good in the top right of the remote.

Sometimes I will go several days without this issue happening. Other times, like today, it happens every couple of minutes.

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  • Hi Ben

    I have the same issue since the last update and I only have one router, I don‘t believe it‘s the access points causing trouble....

  • same problem here, sometimes it can take so long that using the original control is faster.

  • Ben McClure StefanO   jan venema

    Hi, thank you for reporting this. Since this has already been reported, we are working on this actively.  There will definitely come some improvements with the next firmware release. 

    Meanwhile, could you please try a few more steps?

    1. Reboot your router. When its back online please connect the NEEO Brain via ethernet and reboot your NEEO Brain. (Reboot the NEEO Brain meaning unplug from power and plug back in.)

    2. When the NEEO Brain has a solid white light you can attempt to pair the remote once more by tapping "Try again". Be sure that the NEEO Brains LED is still flashing when you tap on "Try Again". If you see the option to try again and the NEEO Brains LED is not flashing anymore, quickly tap the center button located on top of the NEEO Brain. 

    Please keep me updated.

  • Hi Ingrid,

    thank you for the information. 

    This please wait screen is really annoying so I tried to follow your steps below. However, I dont know how to do step 2.....How can I re-pair the remote when its already paired ? Where do I find this Try Again screen ?

    Can you please help ?

  • I also periodically experience the "Please wait..." message. The problem is that the message provides no information about what I'm waiting for. Is the remote waiting for its processor to do something internally (like the spinning circle in Windows)? Is it waiting for some communication from the brain? Is the brain waiting for something from the network? Etc.

    About half the time that I see "Please wait..." the Neeo remote then reboots itself, and everything seems to work normally (until the next time). The fact that the Neeo reboots leads me to believe the issue is internal to the remote, and has nothing to do with the brain or the network.

  • I was hoping that after the last update, this problem would be resolved. Unfortunately, I think it's getting worse.

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