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Hi there, 


im a little bit late to the party. Is it possible to buy a used neeo and ad a new account today?


What about the cloud? it is necessary? do i need an account for setting up the remote and some hue bulbs?


cheers and happy christmas!

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  • Catrin Munz as long as the servers run, you are able to generate a new account. also you still can use the neeo fully.
    A new one is only possible with control4 hardware binding.

    a used one can be found on ebay, or sometimes here in the forum, it depends on where you live.

    the cloud is required to be active for user login to the app, as well as setup and handle all devices for you. when setup and app not changed, you can ongo using the remote forever without changing anything.


    user account is required to start the app and make the setup of the remote.


    don't know if you are a Do-It-Yourself person, but maybe you are interested in other solutions as well (that are not deprecated), i'm personaly involved in the project and currently the kickstarter for the diy kit is live.

  • I have a silver remote and brain near mint for sale $200 obo

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