How to open up the remote

Hi. The "BACK" button on my remote is sticking. I'm fairly sure my daughter spilt some sauce on the remote and it got under the button. 

I want to open up the remote and clean under the button but can't work out how to. I've removed the 2 screws at the bottom but I can't work out how to take the back off. 

Do you have a tear down guide so I can get into the unit?



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  • Andrew Woods the back is just klicked in.. you can remove it just by pushing it up or down. i don't know de exact direction ;)

  • Thanks - but having trouble getting the back to move in any direction. Anyone else have any tips?

    • Andrew Woods there is a small whole in the middle on the downside, just pry in a small tool and lift upwards, that brings of the back of the remote.

  • Thanks. I'll give that a go. 

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