Potentially selling my Neeo kit

I have two brains, 4 remotes and 2 or 3 charging stands that I don't really use much anymore, they are still used a little but have been retired from daily use so seeing what the market is for these devices now.


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  • Hi Stu.  Have you sold your Neeo kit yet?  If not, I’d be interested.  I live in the US.  Thx! 

  • I haven't no, I also didn't get notified of your reply. Hit me on email stu dot trout at Gmail dot com

  • Hi Stu,

    I just realized that the email I shot you got kicked back.  I followed you lead, but could it maybe be Stuart instead of Stu?  


  • Do you still have the remotes for sale?

      • Ludwig
      • Ludwig
      • 1 mth ago
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      David Wilkinson  Yes I can Sell mine..

    • Ludwig How much?

  • 100e + shipping ?. Where are you from? I live in France

  • I Can send with DHL or UPS.

  • I live in the USA zip is 37877. I wonder how much shipping would be?

  • Outch !! It's very expensive, with UPS 110 euros!!  

    • Ludwig WOW… yea I think I will have to pass on that.

      • Ludwig
      • Ludwig
      • 1 mth ago
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      David Wilkinson  i understand, i seek a solution and i be back

  • Ok sounds good!

  • I just sent you a discord message @david