Raphael Announcement - 0.53.8 Firmware and Post C4 Acquisition


I have the biggest news to share since inception. I wanted you to be among the very first to hear that NEEO just joined the Control4 family, the NASDAQ listed market leader in professionally installed smart home experiences.

My goal with this post is to generally inform you what that means for all of us and for the current product.


Let me share some insights with you

With the announcement of NEEO PRO we intended to enter the market of professionally installed systems and we got amazing responses to our product like never before.

We knew success in the professionally installed field would be crucial for us. What began as NEEO working intensely with the teams at Control4 in order to make the experience with the Control4 platform an exceptional one soon became more. The deeper we dug in together the clearer it became that we should be a unified team to achieve the awesome level of integration we feel is right for the dealers and end-customers.

That’s basically how it all began. When the acquisition talks started, we felt it would be a perfect match. We have received many other acquisition offers before but those ones were always money-focused so we were not interested. This time it was different. We were two companies that both have a deep passion to create the best smart home experiences for the customers – and ultimately we fell in love.

Preparing for this deal and today’s announcement required a quiet-period. You may have realized we were a bit more quiet than usual – that’s why. I’m so happy I can finally share this news with you. It’s such a huge chance for a startup like NEEO!


Is this the end?

Being a very active supporter of many startups, and dozens of Kickstarter campaigns myself, I’m always afraid of receiving a goodbye email from companies. Many ran out of funding and I have a pile of products at home that I cannot use anymore. This sucks but it reflects the general success/failure rate of startups and the risk-taking involved. We want this to be different for you

Things will change, even though NEEO and Control4 both want to make sure your NEEO stays active and usable for a period of at least 24 months from this announcement. That being said, I also want to make sure we communicate transparently so the expectations are set right. As of today, no more NEEO products will be shipped. All existing NEEO customers will continue to receive support though and all services will be up for another 24 months. We understand the importance of the IR database continuing to evolve, we have short term solutions in place and we are looking into options to make this possible in the future as well.
How about new firmware versions?

To celebrate today’s announcement, we have just made release 0.53.8 available to everyone. This release brings a load of new features to your NEEO, including a new dark UI, unlimited Multi-Brain support, more customization, and some awesome Easter-eggs. Check out the detailed release notes here.

We are planning to maintain the infrastructure required to deploy critical updates for the next 24 months and you may continue to use the SDK so that everyone can continue to build great applications for the platform.  That said, other than any critical updates this firmware is the last one that comes from the NEEO team. Control4 sells its products exclusively to certified dealers and not to end-customers, so it’s 100% clear there won’t be any direct-to-consumer products.


Why did we not stay independent?

We started NEEO with the idea of creating an amazing and easy to use universal interface for the smart home. Many large companies had tried this before and ultimately failed in one way or the other, but we had the drive and flexibility to make it happen. Overall the challenge of getting all protocols and devices supported is the biggest trick. We may have pushed the boundaries further than any other product out there but ultimately realized that the best smart home experience needs to be a curated one.

In my mind, Control4 is the clear winner in this category and by combining the great Control4 product line-up and the amazing dealer network with NEEO’s experience in the interaction devices category we feel will lead to the best experience possible. We will have the honor to continue the journey as part of this public company and work with awesome smart home gurus such as Charlie Kindel (Image) who joined Control4 from Amazon, where he previously led the Alexa efforts for the smart home.


Planet NEEO

As I anticipate my new role in the Control4 family, it is with a big smile but also a heavy heart I’m writing my last blog post here. I want to thank everyone who was part of the NEEO journey, especially all of you who were our biggest supporters and so crazy active here on the planet. Speaking about that – Planet NEEO will stay. You made it such a powerful knowledge base and fun place to hang out. You will notice that we change it a little bit to boost the features that matter and sunset those which are no longer needed. The team will remain available for you here.

I believe many of you understand this change, but I’m also convinced there is a bit of sadness involved for many of us. We totally understand that you don’t want your NEEO to stop working. Some of you may be interested in doing more – providing support or development work for current NEEO customers. We are open to discussions if you have an interest. We can’t promise anything, yet we are open for all discussions. You have ideas in that regard? You want to be part of that future? Let us know your thoughts over here!


The (last) One

I mentioned above that there won’t be any more NEEO’s available from today on. There is one small exception. One lucky winner will get the very last unit, signed by the team and with a certificate of authenticity. All you need to do in order to win is posting a comment anywhere on Planet NEEO during the next 48h.


You beautiful people and inhabitants of Planet NEEO are simply the best. I’m thankful and honored having been part of this journey with you.




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  • "This includes a new dark UI, unlimited Multi-Brain support, more customisation, and some ‘awesome’ Easter-eggs"


    Release 0.53.8 and detailed release notes here links are blocked by Neeo Team on the forum. 



    "The planet Neeo community have been blocked from reading these links"



  • Still going to be disappointed 

  • detailed release notes here.


    I do not have permission to access this link.

  • Here is a copy of the release notes for 0.53.8:

    NEEO Brain

    • Improved reliability when connecting to IKEA Tradfri lamps
    • Shortcuts in the NEEO App are now shown in pages just like on the NEEO Remote
    • Improved UI when using sensors to trigger recipes
    • Added more Z-Wave devices
    • Fixed Z-Wave alarms not correctly triggering recipes
    • Fixed bug which caused time-based recipes to be triggered on a wrong day
    • Fixed title of light recipes to not show device names
    • TV with no tuners will no longer show the favorites screen
    • Fixed Add-Button not working when sorting recipe steps, shortcuts, favorites or rooms
    • Fixed room order getting lost after reboot
    • Fixed error when moving Accessory-Devices between rooms
    • Fixed slider positions in list view
    • Improved slider shortcuts layout
    • Negative Z-Wave parameters are now allowed
    • Additionally to GitHub the SDK can now be downloaded directly from the NEEO Brain (http://BRAIN_IP:3200/sdk/)
    • Improved device discovery UI
    • Fixed issue "cannot read property data from undefined" when adding a new Z-Wave device
    • "Rename Brain" is no longer a hidden setting
    • Fixed Z-Wave General Device Exclusion showing "undefined undefined"
    • Fixed standard NEEO Brain name after factory reset
    • Lights are now also shown in slides/pages in the NEEO App instead of the long scrollable list, identical to the NEEO Remote
    • Fixed room view not truncating long names correctly
    • Fixed "next" and "done" buttons when adding/editing recipes


    NEEO Remote

    • Fixed touch handling in lists
    • Model type is now shown in touchscreen
    • NEEO Remote automatically does a project update when "Show Control..." step is changed
    • Fixed visible touch feedback when selecting list entries
    • Fixed freeze during pairing/recovery due to wrong versions
    • Fixed flickering of the screen after remote reboot
    • Fixed touch crashes
    • Fixed sliders with negative range like -100 to 100
    • Improved screen fadeout



    • Full SDK Release Notes are available here
  • Thanks Mike.  👍🏻

    Is there additional info around the announcement ""This includes a new dark UI, unlimited Multi-Brain support, more customisation, and some ‘awesome’ Easter-eggs"

    Keen to understand the unlimited multi brain support, anything else in the customisation category and these Easter eggs?

    For example, their is now a Neeo Brain device, which from what I can tell allows you to add a device from one brain (only CEC and IR) to another brain. 

    Is there a sync between brains available?   This was been talked about for release in this firmware.  

    Keen to get all the info on added features and customisations etc, as above is really a bug fix. 

  • Hi,  I'm trying to access the latest firmware download but "am not allowed ..." although kickstarter follower of the early hours ... what is wrong ? who can tell me what to do to have access ? THX 


  • https://planet.neeo.com/t/x1wb9k

    We're sorry, you do not have permission to access this area.       Grrrrrrr..... :(

  • great!