Custom Philips Hue Driver

As I don't have access to cloud, I created my own Hue driver which has a few interesting features.

The most important is that it manages Zones. Basically, you are deciding which lamps should be on depending of a slider. If the slider is at the middle, all lamps of the room will be on. If you put the slider on one side or another, it will switch on the lights only on one side. I use it to light my living room or my dining room.

Here you can see an example with 4 lights, but I use it with 9 in my living.

The other feature is that you can control the colors (with a list of predefined colors) and the intensity.

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  • JeanArnaud Hi,

    can i use your hue driver and where can i downloaded


  • Ok, I will work on it this week-end to put on github and refactor a bit to be more usable for others.

  • JeanArnaud Hi,

    this is very cool, big big thanks!

  • Hello, I just published the Hue driver as requested, I tried to be very descriptive on the how to setup but please let me now as it is my first intent.

    Let me know your issues and I can try to help and improve the setup process.


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