LG TV IP Driver

Hi Guys,

I am trying to get LG TV (WebOS) IP control of my TVs throughout the house.

The reason for this is that it allows people to control multiple TVs in different room without the need for IR (Brain)

There is a old driver (2-3yrs old) supporting 2016/2017 TVs.  I have tried to load it via SDK and keeps failing with incompatible device. (2018 TV) :-(

Is the original driver creator online (https://github.com/va-lemon) or is there someone who could update it?

I would make the changes, but dont have the skills to build.


I believe it may also be an issue with the new SDK code also :-(



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  • Hello, actually you don't need to "build" as it is node.js it is interpreted on the fly (javascript). So you can directly change the code. You have to change the code in order to respect the new interface. On LG website they say:"Methods of this API is compatible with methods of the webOS.js library used on the previous versions of webOS TV. If you have used methods of webOS.js to implement your app, we recommend that you replace the webOS.js library with the webOSTV.js library.". I suppose you should try to include this library and check if you can realise a call for that. You just need to change the code of the controller.js file. 

  • Have you tried to change the lines 7 and 8 of the controler.js file with your own TV mac address and IP address? (sorry if it is a stupid question).

    const tvMAC = 'XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX'; // LG TV's MAC address needed for the Power On command which uses wake-on-lan


    const tvIP = '192.168.1.XXX'; // LG TV's IP address used by the webOS TV API commands; websocket unable to resolve LGwebOSTV hostname (seems to convert to lowercase)
  • Yes mate,

    Tried two TVs with no luck. 

    IP and SUB.

    Also tried with and without Hostname. 

    In regards to changing code.  That's where I'm not the best without guidance.


    • Gary H OK, I understand. But you managed to connect the driver to your brain correct? 

      Is it through a raspberry or directly from your computer? 

      • Gary H
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      • ozsmarthome
      • 3 yrs ago
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      JeanArnaud Raspbian on Pi.

      Not sure actually.  Have cleared it from drivers now for time been, as the CLI keeps trying to load it.

      Index.js has a changeable option to set the  brain hostname on line 4.  

      So when I run the driver, it states the hostname and then errors out with unsupported or unknown device.  Cannot recall which one. 

      Can try running it again.  Any requests/guidance 



  • Ok, so basically your driver has 2 things to do. 

    First connect to the brain, second connect to the TV.

    For what I understand and see in the code you seems to be stuck at the first step.

    The simpler in my personal experience if you can't manage with the host name is directly give the IP address (look like 192.168.1.XXX with XXX being a number from 1 to 255).

    To find the IP address the simpler is to connect to your router and check the connected devices. You should find something like TR2-NEEO- afasdfkj. If you can you can reserve the DHCP in order to make sure this IP never change even if you reboot your brain.

    But for now, don't bother with that, just find your IP and copy in the line you find.

    If your driver load well, it should display "READY! use the NEEO app to ……"


    Then if it is still not working that means you are at step 2, let me know I'll try to help you...

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