Neeo Cloud is (definitely) down - and has been for at least 2 weeks

Sadly I had to reset my brain. This was a bad idea. With no cloud it's impossible to add devices even...


Patrick should be 12 months on our countdown timer no ? I presume you guys will extend the clock since it's been broken for at least a month

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  • Neeo were never that good at timing. Good luck.

  • @david the servers are running and are monitored. Are you sure your local network time is correct? If not, no SSL connection can established with our servers

  • Michael Vogt you are definitely right and I'm definitely wrong.  I can see if I check the log the brain thinks it's 2018 or something so I understand exactly why it would break SSL :-)  But the next question. How is getting the time? My router is set correctly.  I can't see the brain trying to make an NTP connection.  Is it using DHCP? If it is I don't understand what's going wrong.

    • David Hall probably your router/AP is acting as NTP server, so login to your router/AP and look for NTP/time server settings and point your router/AP to a valid and public NTP server. Alternative you could also set the time manually, but only as a fallback

    • Michael Vogt I don't see any inbound NTP request from the brain (to the router or anywhere else).  Router doesn't run an NTP server (it does use an NTP server to set the local time - eg - it has an NTP client - which I've verified is correct on the router).  Is there a way to manually set the time on the brain>?

    • Portscan of router - no NTP running.

      ASUS WRT http admin
      Port 53 (TCP)
      Port 80 (TCP)
      ASUS WRT http admin
      Port 515 (TCP)

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