Denon AVR X4400H

Just got round to doing a basic Need setup today. On the AVR screens there are just to many unused buttons, which makes it difficult to swipe – I presume there is a UI/software fix coming – any news on this?

Most AV setups will only use a few inputs and on the Denon’s you can hide the unwanted inputs, but on the Need everything is visible – I know I can create my own shortcut screen but it I still have to swipe through several pages to get to my most used functions. Any update on the planned update to move pages around?

Lastly, I would like the option to rename all buttons and choose the icon. Eg, for Game I would like to rename it to Playstation and choose the Controller icon. I presuming I can’t do this until IR learning is implemented – any update?

Apologies if all this is covered elsewhere – information seems to be scattered about a bit.


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  • Sean Booth The idea with a fully setup system would be that you only need recipes for daily use. If you have to manually set stuff on the AVR I believe there is a good chance that you could automate that too. AVRs, HDMI switchers etc. should typically be hidden for the best UX. Can you help me understand how you would want to use those AVR screen and if you could possibly automate that. Happy to help. Thanks & best regards from Las Vegas. We are setting up our tradeshow booth here. Ciao

    • Raphael Thanks. As you say for daily use, receipe should work just fine but I would like access to the remotes basic functions for instances when a receipe isn’t needed like just switching the AVRs source from PS4 to Media Player - that’s when the screen full of inputs is confusing.

  • Sean Booth  this is a similar topic as Check it out. Nothing you can do until a later firmware release. This seems to be true for every AVR.

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    • Markus Marbach Thanks for the link and I’ve voted for the customisation options.

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