Ikea Tradfri smart plugs?

I've just seen Ikea are starting to release smart-plugs internationally this October. I know the bulbs are supported, but will the smart plugs also be? 

I currently use the Neeo just for the home entertainment centre, and just use a cheapo set of smart-plugs with a dedicated IR remote for my other appliances). It'd be great to use it for lighting/appliances as well. 

Am I right in thinking these work over Wifi, so I don't need a Brain in every room, I'll be able to control these with just the one Remote & Brain (it's a small apartment, so should be no issue with Wifi coverage).

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  • Mike Whooley Absolutely. One brain will be enough. I'm pretty confident it wont take the team long to add those plugs to the drivers as all the generic and lightbulb integration for IKEA is already done. Thanks!

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    • Raphael  Many thanks.

      In the event that Ikea don't market them here soon (Ireland, so using the same plug standard as the UK) - does Neeo currently support any other Wifi-based smart plugs? It's not the easiest to search the database by device-type.

      Also (if this isn't too complicated) - in the long term I'm considering getting a second Brain, for the bedroom (possibly getting a TV, already have a Dyson heater). Can the Remote and app work with more than one Brain? (As in - can I use the TV room Remote to also turn on the heater in the bedroom via the Bedroom brain. And can I turn off the TV/lights etc. in the TV room using the app or Remote in the bedroom? etc.)

      Many thanks again,


  • Raphael Thanks again for your advice on these.

    I've ordered some Tradfri smart-plugs, but don't really know anything about the Tradfri system. Do you know if these will work directly with the Neeo brain, or do I also need to buy a Tradfri gateway device?

    These are the plugs I bought. It doesn't make any mention of Wifi, just these details:


    Type: E1704 wireless control outlet

    Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

    Max output power: 2990W

    Range: 10 m in open air. For indoor use only

    Operating frequency: 2405-2480Mhz

    Output power: 14 dBm

    Many thanks again!

    • Mike Whooley as far as I know, ikea is using zigbee for the communication (like philips hue) and you need to have one bridge currently running. But I'm sure that Jeff from neeo is able to tell more details about it. I don't use the ikea system, so I'm unable to say anything directly to it and the implementation inside neeo.

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    • Mike Whooley as Markus Mahr allready said. you need a gateway.. if you have allready one like the one from hue you don't need to buy another.. if you just have tradfri blubs you need the gateway that you are able to connect them to NEEO. if you don't have the gateway you can just switch tradfri with the tradrfi remote.

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      • Fonzo
      • Fonzo
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      Mike Whooley 

      Do you know if these will work directly with the Neeo brain, or do I also need to buy a Tradfri gateway device?

      Even though Zigbee, like so many other things, was promised by NEEO and also installed as hardware in the Brain, this is not supported directly by NEEO.

      See also Are zigbee devices supported?

      Therefore, another gateway must be used at the moment.

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  • Thanks FonzoMarkus Mahrnuro  for the info!

    Ok, so I need a gateway too, and Neeo (Brain?) will work with that. So, one of these?

    I don't have any plans (yet) for using the Tradfri smart-bulbs, just the Tradfri smart-plugs. I'm hoping that only having one Brain (though I plan to add another soon) and one Tradfri gateway will cover all rooms in the apartment (it's not that big). 

    Looking through the Ikea/Tradfri sites I was surprised there wasn't a simple introduction. "To get started, here's the minimum you need. Here's what other devices you need, or optionally can add on. Here's how they connect (Ethernet/Wifi/other WF). It works in one room/several rooms etc... There seemed to be lots of references to Hue/Homekit/Alexa without a simple explanation of how they interact.

    Then again, I even had problems initially understanding how Neeo worked. It would have helped then if there was a simple:

    • Simplest case; you need a Neeo Brain (which controls your devices via Wifi (If on the same network), Infra-red (if in same room), and HDMI (if connected to the same HDMI daisy-chain, and your devices support 'HDMI-CEC'.
    • You also need the Neeo app on your iPhone/Android to configure and control the Brain and your devices; and this connects to your Brain via Wifi. 
    • (Optional) You can also buy the Neeo Remote, which connects to your Brain via (2.4GHz) Wifi, and the Brain then passes the commands onto the configured devices. 

    It's all very obvious now, but it wasn't then. 🙂

    • Mike Whooley One brain and one gateway should work for a whole apartment, depending on the sice and wall structure, at mine 100m2 big flat one hub is perfectly working with the hue system. as the ikea hub uses the same technic, it should work if your rooms are not build out of metal enforced concrete or pure metal walls in each room.

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    • Markus Mahr Thanks! I've ordered a gateway too. My apartment is slightly smaller than yours, plus the internal walls are all just wooden stud walls, so I should be good! 

      I'll report back on this thread when they arrive and how they work out. 

  • In light of recent news, this seems like a bit of an irrelevant thread... But anyhow. Funny that the Ikea Tradfri plugs and gateway arrived on the same day that the Neeo platform was effectively EOL'ed. 

    To make matters worse - I learned after purchasing the smartplugs that I'd need a gateway as well, the Neeo Brain on its own wouldn't suffice. After receiving the plugs and gateway and trying to set it up via the (Ikea) app, it turns out I need another "steering device" (a remote control, effectively) to pair the plugs/bulbs with gateway.

    It seems an extraordinarily complex setup for such a simple task. Required: 

    • Neeo brain
    • Ikea gateway
    • Ikea steering device (remote control... even though I never intend to use it)
    • Ikea smart plugs/bulbs
    • Neeo app
    • Tradfri app

    ...and of course I also have the Neeo Remote, since the whole point was to control lights & devices from the "TV" remote.

    Most annoying, is how ineffective companies (Ikea, AND Neeo) are at explaining the basics and requirements. 

    • Mike Whooley on the IKEA website you will find all information for what's needed to controll Tradfri with the Tradfri app (same needs as NEEO)

    • nuro It's entirely possible - but I couldn't (and still can't) find it. I spent some time looking for a simple introduction, of the type:

      "Basic requirements:

      • You will need one (or more) Tradfri smart bulbs or smart plugs to control
      • A Tradfri gateway, connected to your router via (supplied) Ethernet cable.
      • A "steering device" (Tradfri switch, remote or dimmer device) to control the bulbs/plugs. Even if you intend to use an alternate control device, you still need a steering device to pair the bulbs/plugs with the gateway."
      • An iOS or Android device, and the Tradfri app, to configure and control the devices."

      Likewise, when I was getting started with the Neeo, I couldn't find any obvious introduction that simply stated: "At a minimum, you need the Brain (which controls your devices via Wifi, IR, and HDMI CEC) and the Neeo app on your iOS or Android device (for configuring your Brain and Remote, and optionally for controlling your devices). You may also choose to purchase a Neeo Remote to control your devices; however you will still need the Neeo smartphone app for initial configuration and ongoing customisation". 

      Again, it may be somewhere on the site, but I didn't find it. I found out what I needed to know by asking in the forums and other posters (and staff) were kind enough to respond. 

    • Mike Whooley you are right. but the whole IKEA Tradfri just allows you to Control devices via WLAN only the way you described. it's not a NEEO thing. it's the IKEA way to handle those Blubs.. same with the plugs.

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  • (Feels a bit weird still adding devices when the future of the Neeo setup is so unclear, but in case anyone's interested..)

    The Tradfri remote device arrived yesterday, so could finally get all this set up. First impressions (of Tradfri, moreso than Neeo) is that it's very disappointing! In comparison with my existing, cheap "non smart" setup (Bye Bye Standby IR plug kits) :

    • Far more expensive
    • Far less flexible (no easy way to set up 'groups' of devices etc.)
    • Awkward to pair new devices.
    • Can't control individual devices via Gateway/Neeo.

    As far as I can see, there's no way to set up groups of devices to be turned on/off via a single button press; other than buying one remote/switch for each group of devices. And the whole point of home automation is to simplify, not add multiple redundant devices.

    The pairing process is a bit painful too. With my old setup, I'd flick a switch on the smart plug, plug it in and that's it. I can easily have any number of devices turned on/off with a single button press, and can have up to 8 different groups. 

    With the Tradfri: use a screwdriver to open the back of the remote control, hold the remote within 2cm of the plug and press the button hidden inside the battery compartment for 10 seconds, checking the status light for flashing. The reason I'm using smart plugs is because I have wall plugs in hard-to-reach places, so reaching in, to place the remote next to it, holding it within 2cm, and trying to observe a status light that's under the plug and behind the cable is..... awkward to say the least.

    And I can't see any way of using Neeo to control individual lights/plugs. I can either turn everything on or off, but not individual devices - without buying additional remotes anyway. It is possible via the Tradfri smartphone app, but not via Neeo. 

    Sadly, that last one means the Tradfri has been a complete waste of time for me. I'd need to buy 3 more Tradfri remotes just to be able to create the set up the groups of devices I need, which could then be thrown away since I only want to use the one (Neeo) remote for everything. 

    Why is home automation so hard? 🙂

  • Update: Well, you can ignore much of the above! I finally got it all working as needed, though with some minor caveats/bugs :

    • (On the Tradfri side) if you create a new 'room', I had to add a device to it straight away, or it disappeared from the room list, which meant I couldn't add anything to it!
    • (On the Neeo side) after adding 'rooms', I needed to remove and re-add the Ikea Gateway device in order to see any configuration changes (new rooms etc.) on the Tradfri setup. 

    So now it's all working pretty sweetly. One recipe which has a launch action of turning on a light/plug set, another with a launch action to turn it off; and a pair like these for each set of lights/plugs that I need. Added a "Show Controls" action to the Recipe which contains the dimmer bulb - I THINK this only shows the dimmer slider and not the colour selector, but I can live with that. 

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