HowTo run NEEO SDK on Synology NAS

 In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can run NEEO SDK on Synology NAS.



  1. Go to your web interface of your Synology NAS (ipaddress:5000).
  2. Login with your credentials.
  3. Open "PackageCenter".
  4. Type " node" into the search box of PackageCenter.
  5. Now you'll see multiple Node.js versions, install "Node.js v6".
  6. Search for "git".
  7. Install "Git Server".
  8. Close the PackageCenter window, after having installed Node.js v6 & Git Server. 
  9. Open "Control Panel".
  10. Type "ssh" into the search box of the Control Panel.
  11. Click on the search result.
  12. Now you see three options, click on "Enable SSH Service". Port 22 should be correct.
  13. Click at the right bottom corner on "Apply".
  14. Close the Control Panel window (Leave the web interface open, you'll need it again) 
  15. Access your Synology NAS with SSH. There are many programs to do this.
    =>On Windows, I prefer "Putty".
    =>On OSX, you can use the default terminal and type in the command "sudo ssh ipaddress -l userofNAS".
  16. Log in details for SSH, which are the same you use to log in at the Web interface.
  17. If you are now connected with SSH, type in: "mkdir neeosdk"
  18. Now go into the folder with "cd neeosdk".
  19. Now you need the Github Git link of the NEEO SDK driver you want to install. For example, Niels de Klerks' Kodi driver here
  20. Open this link and click on "Clone or download" and copy the URL you see there.
  21. In SSH type in: "sudo git"
  22. After having been downloaded, type in "cd neeo_driver-kodi"
  23. Type in "sudo npm install"
  24. Attention: Synology does not support mDNS. So you need to set the IP of the brain manually. E.g with Niels' Kodi driver you need to edit the "Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI.js" file and set the IP address of the Brain. If you want to test if it works, run "node Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI.js" and NOT "npm install"
  25. After having completed the installation, you can type in "node Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI.js" for testing.
  26. Now the driver should run.
  27. If the driver works, close it with "CTRL + C".
  28. Go back to your web interface and open "Control Panel" again.
  29. Type "task" into the search box and click on the search result "Task Scheduler".
  30. Click on create: -> Triggered Task -> User-defined script.
  31. Create a task name, click on "Enabled" and switch to "Task Settings".
  32. Switch to the tab "User-defined script" and type "node /Path/To/SDK/Folder/ node Debug_NEEO_DRIVER-KODI.js" into text field.
  33. Click on "OK" and then you see your named task on the list of "Task Scheduler".
  34. Click right and click "Run".
  35. Now all should run if it worked before manually in SSH.

Have fun! 🙂


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