Homekit and Neeo

I would like to replace my harmony hub and searching for alternative that works with HomeKit OTB.

is the Neeo is homekit compatible?

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  • Ofir Arbel No NEEO is not HomeKit compatible alone, and there is no further development. But in combination with a home automation system, that can be used with Homekit you can use a Harmony Hub with Homekit and also NEEO. I use also a Harmony Hub with HomeKit in combination with a home automation system, a Harmony Action is a switch in Homekit and volume can be set via the type of a speaker.

  • Software for homekit compatibility is in neeo, not that anything will be changed anymore or i would bet on neeo today, as there is no possibility to use the neeo app without a cloud connection towards neeo servers (setup a new phone recently and it doesn't work without server...) so i would go with a neeo these days.

    as there are also no further informations about the server runtime beyond the actual set deadline, nobody can be shure to use the remote when c4 decides to kill the server....

  • :-(.  !!!