Device version and updates

In the Neeo device database each device has a version and you can check for updates.   Is there an equivalent in the device API?   Or do I have to remove and re-add a custom device every time I make a change to it?

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  • Tom M There is currently no way to update the SDK driver else then delete and readd it. This feature is allready requested at the NEEO-SDK Github

    as you see, this is allready known and will be taken in account, when enhancing the sdk is done. but due to the current way the sdk is handled from the brain, this can be taken a few more rounds until it is working. The NEEO Team is very active over on Github for requests to the sdk and Issues with it, so it is allways helpfull to take a small look there, if something is allready reported or not. and the tags are showing if it is regogniced or not yet by team neeo

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