Creating groups for IKEA Trådfri on NEEO


Love the added support for trådfri on NEEO!

One request for the future would be to create your own groups for the lights in the NEEO app. 

Today, NEEO fetches the groups created within the IKEA app, and the groups in the IKEA app are kinda forced to be arranged in a grouped way, otherwise making the IKEA controller totally useless. 

The problem is that I don’t necessarily want the same configuration of my groups in NEEO. 

My spotlight consists of three trådfri bulbs, shooting light different directions, And a group that controls two of them would really be sweet!

IKEA app does not let me create another group that includes a light that is already in another group. If I could do that, than I would not have this issue.

any other user that would like this as well?

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  • There is already active voting about this. For further votings, please continue here. I am going to move this thread to the Archive. All missing votes are counted.

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