More information on recipes required

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of adding recipes I managed to screw up a lot of them . After many many hours of getting into a deeper mess I decided to reset the brain in order to just start again. Curiously this didn't wipe everything clean and allow me a fresh start and a lot of the commands are still in place even if I delete the devices and add them back. How can i delete EVERYTHING?

To list my questions simply:

I have added Apple TV and the recipe to run  it. How do I get the commands to scroll and activate the menu screen?

If I run Netflix from my DVD player to the projector and want to switch to Apple TV how do I stop Neeo from turning off the projector then starting it up again when I switch to Netflix?

Why do I sometimes get the option to edit Launch and what is the difference to edit recipe?

How do I edit the option to turn off?

What is the point of the Neeo remote, lovely though it is, when it seems everything can be operated by the phone?

Why do some icons appear on the remote home page as circles while others appear as devices.

Why are there so few (One?) tutorials on operating Neeo?

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