Hard buttons control the wrong device


I have a recipe including my Philips TV, my Set top box and my Sonos Playbar.

I have set the recipe to 'use set top box controls' and added favorite channels to my set top box as well.

All is good - I activate the recipe and my TV turns on, switches to the correct HDMI, my set top box turns on and sound flows from the Playbar. Volume is controlled by the Playbar controls - perfect.

Now, the problem is that my TV has Ambilight, which I sometimes want to change, disable or modify. Surely, I can add a shortcut to the ambilight settings, but once in there, I need to use arrow up/down etc. on the TV device. My hard buttons are controlling the set top box, which means, I am not able to modify the ambilight settings :-(.

Is it possible to 'tell' the recipe, that when I use certain shortcuts, the hard buttons should change to TV or how do I solve my problem?

The ambilight issue is just an example - I have multiple scenarios, where I need the hard buttons to switch to control another device.

Thanks in advance.

PS. Before I got my Neeo, I used a Logitech Harmony remote. Here I had the opportunity to switch the remote to control the device, I desired. Is this possible with Neeo somehow?


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  • Hi, Michael Grønbech Larsen. Thanks for reaching out to us. Please excuse my late response. At the moment you can only set one "Show controls" to one recipe. Are you able to add up/down arrows for your Ambilight as a shortcut? There is already an Idea Voting about "recipes as shortcuts". Please vote here. Based on the number of votes, we can see and set priority for the next firmware releases. 

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