"alwaysOn" ineffective since switching to 0.50....

I used alwaysOn device capability to avoid showing the device in the Now Active list.

Since switching to version 0.50.  the device is shown in the Now Active list. despite using 

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  • The intended purpose of the alwaysOn capability is to handle devices that don't have discreet power on and power off and to avoid showing them as not-so-smart devices. It's possible that devices that are alwaysOn didn't show in the active list but that would have been unintended and might have been fixed in the recent release.

    But I could see how some devices might not need to be in Now Active, accessory type devices for example are never considered active. Do you have some other use cases? Maybe we need a new 'neverActive' or 'hideFromActiveList' capapbility.

    • Patrick Fiaux Interesting: I have one device of type LIGHT with enabled discovery and alwaysOn, it is not shown in  the active List.

      And I have one device of type CLIMA and always on without discovery using the new list feature. It is shown in the active list.

    • Christian Riedl I did some digging and there seems to be something fishy with the active now behavior.

      Light devices since currently share one screen in the UI don't show up as active now (because it's not clear which one should be powered off on click). That should be the same as before.

      Regarding the CLIMA it looks like you're right something changed recently. I'm seeing this for other devices too. I'll look into it and find out if this was an intentional change or not and I'll try to get back with the logic for if devices show up in active now or not.

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