Weekly Brain Reboot To Fix Connection Issues

Like many others, I've had ongoing issues where my remote becomes unresponsive after a few days. Usually it will start skipping a few button presses but then does a full lockup and eventually loses communication with the Brain.


I've tried many of the suggestions in this forum: assigned IP addresses; added new wifi repeaters, etc.


In the end. the problem always returns after about a week of light use, and the only solution I've found that works (for a week) is to reboot the Brain.


Decided to post this for any others that have not been able to resolve the issue - just reboot the Brain on a regular basis and it should be fine :)

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  • i had the same issue, changing the brain solved it... 

  • Wanted to add this in case others have this issue now or in the future - I've added a Wemo AC switch and plugged the Brain into it. I've programmed the Wemo to reboot the brain every night at 3AM and it seems to have fixed the communication issues and I don't have to remember to reboot the thing all the time now.

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