TV Panasonic TC-P42G25 -- quick fix for two commands

Andy  Thanks for recent fixes. 

Two small adjustments will be more sensible and make a world of difference for usability.

- LONG TOUCH of MENU (physical button):  please assign VIERACAST to it

- GUIDE (the square on the NumPad):  please assign MENU SUB to it   


Fyi the reasons are:  

 - VIERACAST brings a useful menu whether in TV mode, WebTV mode, or Casting.  That is the menu you want coming up most often, other than MENU (which is already assigned to Short Touch of the Menu button).

 - MENU SUB brings the list of TV stations, so makes sense that it be on Guide on the TV specific control, ie NumPad. Where it is now, doesn't make sense as it doesn't work most of the time, namely long touch of the Menu button.  There it is useless and does nothing when in Web mode or Casting.


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  • Andy

    Andy, I've thought more about this so am glad you haven't made any changes yet per my request at the start of this thread.  Better to also swap the actions for Long Touch and Short Touch of the physical button Menu.  


    - SHORT TOUCH of MENU (physical button):  please assign the action VIERACAST to it

    - LONG TOUCH of MENU (physical button):  please assign the action MAIN MENU to it

    - GUIDE (the square on the NumPad widget):  please assign the action MENU SUB to it   


    Currently you have as follows:

    - short touch is "Main Menu"

    - long touch is "Menu Sub" aka "Menu"

    - Guide square on NumPad is "Main Menu"


    I can explain, basically as in my start of thread.  Vieracast is always useful and is a menu hub for TV/ WebTV/ Chromecast.   Main Menu is often useful, and varies by mode (Web TV or TV).   Menu Sub is only useful for TV mode; does nothing when in WebTV mode or in Chromecast mode 



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    • Andy Just fyi that I thought I'd be following up but will hold off till after May 14.  It looks like Panasonic is migrating my TV from Viera Cast to the newer Viera Connect.  

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    • p.s. Sorry, maybe a false alarm. Maybe I already have the Connect platform. Might be just a planned outage for Viera. We'll see on May 14th. 

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