Cloud Shutdown impact

Do we have a definitive list of things that won't work anymore when they shut own the servers?   

I'd like to know what I would lose and what maybe could or need be replicated to keep the remote going. 

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  • - No account login / no usage of the app

    - No new adding of devices

    - no channel logo search

    - no backup / restore


    The remote itself will work wihtout cloud, but no changes can be made with the app. You need to login when new phone is setup, you loose control of the remote then.

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  • Is the device database on the servers then I assume and gets pushed down?  The login stuff I would expect could be solved pretty easily by spoofing a server on the LAN. 

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    • Matt B Database and every device will be downloaded form the server, yes. Login and all communications is encrythed therefor hard to spoof.

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  • Are there any ‘best practices’ or steps anyone would recommend we follow before the final shutdown? I have been following the development of the YIO remote, and will most likely purchase the kit once ready, but would at the same time like get as much use out of my Black Cat NEEO as I can and for as long as possible.

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    • Tom Mandel When you not going to change anything at your Setup (also not require the app on a new phone) you can endlessly use the remote after shutdown. There is not much you can do. If you require new Hardware or change your Setup, it will not be possible to add these devices to NEEO, so then it is going to die slowly.

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