Sonos connect volume Receiver

Hello, if I install a sonos connect to a marantz receiver, and I want to switch to the sonos application, I bild a Recipe, which works fine.

know I want to us the volume up and down from he receiver instead of the sonos connect, but this is something which won’t seems to work.

any suggestions?



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  • i have exact the setup jo wane 🙃

    first set the volume of the connect in the sonos app.

    and here's a screenshot of my recipe which works.

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    • nuro 

      Thanks, I will try this out and let you know.


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    • nuro 


      I don't think this is going to work because I use a old SR6400 unit.

      This unit is only IR or RS232 and because Neeo doesn't use RS232 but IP instead, this is not going to work unfortunately.


      Thanks again.

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    • Jan de Moor 

      I just saw you new here.
      NEEO only uses IR or HDMI CEC, so this must work for you. My Marantz is also controled over IR
      The IR commands are sent from the brain, so your AVR has to "see" the brain. Make sure that the Brain is in front of the AVR.

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    • nuro 

      Yes I'm new but I have a lot of experience with pronto and control4.

      When I look at your Recipe, I see a Line calling Use Marantz Volume.

      This is something I do not get in the basis SR6400 command line.

      Any suggestions.


      Thank you in advance.

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    • Jan de Moor you can add this step when your in the recipe. go to edit launch.

      this step is only possible when you use the automatic generated recipe.

      if you made a ricpe by your self it is not possible to change the button settings

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