Can i change ICONS for a recipe?

So I have a few recipies, Cable TV, XBox Game, Playstation, Computer, Chromecast, Roku

When i hit any of the recipe for eg Cable TV:- TV turns on, AVR turns on, waits 2 seconds, switches to the correct input (Sat/Cable), DVR set turns on and shows the guide.

Now I would like to change the icon for the recipe, all these icons look like grapes on the remote. Should'nt there be an option to change the icons? 

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  • Jamie Dimon It is not yet implemented to change the icons for Recipes. This will come wit a newer version of the software. Currently you must live with the same Icons, or use the automatic generated recipes that bring different icons for different recipes.

    • Markus Mahr 

      Any timeline to any software updates.  I’ve had my remote almost 5 months and haven’t seen a single software update.  This makes me regret purchasing this device as a replacement to my Harmony Elite.  

      As nice as the remote is there is almost zero customization.  As a software developer myself It truly feels like this products development team has basically checked out or has been downsized.

      This remote has so much potential it’s insane.  What a shame that you guys chose to restrict it so much.  

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    • Anthony Santilli I don't know how much you read here on other posts, but as Jeff (Head of Customer Support) recently has written, the release will come.

      I'm not working for NEEO, and i'm only a tech interest User, that is here from day 1 and following most of the inputs. I'm also not allowed to talk or spoil Informations.

      But as far as i can tell, the development is continiuing, and there is no nothing going on.


      Sometimes Software development can be tricky and a Pain, you should know that by yourself, and if you thought you fixed something it comes back harder than you imagine. This happens all the time and can be found with Tests, but it means sometimes heavier and sometimes lower impacts which can change the Timelime.


      I fully be on your side when it comes to the potential that is not yet available and i personally hope that this potetial will (someday in the future) fully be available for customers. There are so much possibilities (e.g. semi automatic setup, Customization, Scan for TCP/IP Controlable devices and auto add them like amazon is doing it with smart home stuff, ...)

      NEEO is a small Team with a big Heart ( i was able to get in personal contact to some of the guys behind the Brand) they are very confident and entusiastic to get the Hardware in the right direction, but there is not the same amount of People and Money that comanys like Amazon or Apple have to implement Features and Hotfixes, therefor the Key factor is Balancing.

      As far as i saw during the last firmware releases, this was done very well (new Features besides Hotfixes)  spread with each release.

      maybe also Jeff or Ingrid will reply here to.

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