Microsoft MCE driver (standard) - incorrect hard button mapping?


I am configuring the Neeo as a plain MCE remote to control Kodi and just found that Ch+/Ch- hard buttons are mapped to rew/ffw instead of channel up/down. Please correct this ASAP (the codes are correct in the zapper widget but that widget is useless from a UI standpoint).

Thank you in advance

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  • Yann FREMONT Corrections and new devices are done by Andy and Fäbu . But the MCE Remote is configured as plain MCE Remote and therefor using the standard of the available codes. Are you sure that your KODI is configured to receive the correct codes for the CH+ / -?

    There are different usages for MCE within KODI, thats why i ask.

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    • Markus Mahr Yes Kodi, Mediaportal and Windows MCE handle ch+/ch- identically to change TV channel. This is different from rew/ffw and and from previous/next.

      The channel hard buttons should be mapped to the same codes as the zapper widget of the driver.

      In additition to changing TV channels, Ch+/Ch- commands also correspond to PgUp/PgDown in long lists which allows faster scrolling over list (music, pictures, movies). This behavior is also common to Windows MCE, Mediaportal and Kodi)

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    • Yann FREMONT 

      In most cases, the MCE set is used for mediaplayer functions. Every device type does give you different types of mappings and screens. We have now also added a DVB version of the driver. This does include all commands needed for watching TV - also the channel hard buttons are mapped correctly. The new device will appear around 12AM CET. Please additionally add the device "Microsoft MCE Media Center DVB" to you NEEO. Thanks!

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    • Andy  Just tested the "Microsoft MCE Media Center DVB" driver. 😪

      1) Mapping of ch Up/Down hard buttons is still not correct: they are still mapped to rew/ffw (scanning). And the widget for transport scan does ch+/ch-... I remind you that Ch+/Ch- also acts as a PgUp/PgDown in lists which is very convenient. So please set the mapping as it should.

      2) The Menu hard button has been remapped to EPG instead of DVDMENU. DVDMENU was already wrong (it should have been INFO command instead to get the context menu) but I did a remap in all Kodi keymap file not to bother. EPG command is brought by the Green button soft key.

      Raphael I am wasting the time of your team just because Neeo does not let users choose the mapping for IR. Your team should not spend time on these simple driver adjustments but let the users handle them: developers have lot of programming to complete to release all the power of this remote with advanced drivers!

      @Andy  : please map whatever commands you want on these buttons as soon as I get the 3 sets (rew/ffw, prev/next and ch+/ch-) available on the standard MCE driver. No worry, I will take care to remap to my needs on Kodi side.

      Thank you in advance!

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    • Yann FREMONT 

      Very strange, as we did a clone of the codes from the other MCE driver. Could your mapping of the buttons be different on Kodi side? Can you please make sure that the channel and transport button mappings are on the default mapping?

      Here's a Live IR Test with the channel and rev/forw button: 

      The Live IR Test works the following way:

      1. Navigate to the Settings Menu in your NEEO app.
      2. Navigate to NEEO Brain.
      3. Click on "Live IR Test".
      4. Enter into the text field the following code: FxrASHAKjk
      5. Test the commands

      Thanks for testing!

      Also, for all devices of the categories TV and DVB - long press on the menu button opens GUIDE, short press opens MENU.

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    • Hi Andy 

      Commands in the test work perfect.

      I confirm mapping on the "Microsoft MCE standard" driver is :

      widget transport search : rew/ffw

      Channel hard buttons : rew/ffw instead of ch-/ch+


      Keep me posted

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    • Yann FREMONT 

      The standard MCE driver is categorized on NEEO as Mediaplayer. For all Mediaplayer and disc players, we are mapping Reverse/Forward also on the channel hard buttons.
      For all DVB/Set top box/TV devices, the channel buttons are mapped to the channel buttons, like you would expect. The Microsoft MCE Media Center DVB is categorized as DVB device.

      The Live IR Test contains copy/paste the exact same commands as already entered to the MCE DVB driver. That means that the driver is correct and also the mapping on your device is correct.

      How did you add the device to the recipe? Did you manually add it and change the "Show controls" step or did you do the automatic setup? I would recommend to simply re-add the device, do the setup and let NEEO create a new automatically created recipe.

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    • Andy 

      I use Microsoft MCE driver for Kodi and Kodi brings TV + videos + PVR + music. Do you expect the users to change activity on the remote depending on what they are doing in Kodi? Are you serious? The interest of a Mediacenter is that you have one source, one device for ALL controlled with one remote. 

      Could you please create a driver with whatever code mapping you want but with DIFFERENT commands for transport search widget , transport scan widget and channel+/-?

      Again, the commands are rew/ffw, previous/next, ch-/ch+ (which also provide PgDown/PgUp). With your logic, I need to change activity on Neeo when I start playing music. But if, when in music, I want to scroll my playlist by page, I have to change activity to MCE DVB to get the PgUp/pgDown. Seriously, this make no sense.

      Thank you

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    • Yann FREMONT 

      They are already separate commands. Also, the separate channel up/down commands are already present within the MEDIAPLAYER version. Here, you'll have to add them to the shortcut screen. The only difference is the mapping. The mapping is done automatically and is sorted according to the device type. Because of this, you have Reverse/Forward on the channel hard buttons for the media player and channel up/down mapped to the channel hard buttons on the DVB version. It's just about mapping. The MEDIAPLAYER version still contains all commands as separate buttons that can be added to the shortcut screen when they are not already included within a widget.

      As it is never about controlling a specific device within NEEO and it is more about watching TV, watching a movie, listening to music, etc - everything is handled like that on NEEO. There is a good reason why we do this. When multiple device types are represented within one device, we always control them like they where separate device. For more info about how we are controlling so-called combo devices, see here:

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    • Hi Andy 

      I understand the IT logic of making automatic assignments based on the type (class ;-) ) of the device. That's a pretty nice vision of architecture. And I also have years of experience in designing wonderful architectures for the IT mind which are unable to satisfy fully the end user 😂

      When using a remote with hard keys labelled Ch+/Ch- with a mediacenter or anything else, I expect it to change channels as the first function or eventually to change tracks, but for sure not to scan and change playback speed. It seems there is a real disagreement here between us.

      It might be wise to have a similar behavior for the channel+/- as for the volume+/- keys for which the recipe allows remapping to another device ("Control volume with..." ). And while at it, for all hard keys ;-)

      About the zapper widget, first it occupies 2/3 of a slide and second, like many users, it seems more natural to have hard keys to change channels (or tracks) because this is the most used function with volume and because this is the basic behavior of any remote.

      About the shortcuts, unless we can customize the icons (with a real set from an icon library) and the label (and make it optional) and arrange the layout, no way to use them as current result is ugly and meaningless for home users.

      As I commented to Ingrid also, users purchase a Neeo to get hard keys and IR. Otherwise, they would stick to the many smartphone apps which can do the touchscreen job better than Neeo currently does.

      Providing a default intelligent assignment is a very good idea to simplify setup (the Neeo "magic"). But it is a mistake not let users change that default as it is limitating. I hope you are considering this in a near firmware release.

      As a workaround, I will use the MCE DVB driver you released to get the hard key channel assignment and will add the transport scan/search widgets from the MCE standard. But I will have to do some tricky remapping on Kodi side to replace the EPG commands that you mapped to the "Menu" hard-key on the DVB driver by the standard "ContextMenu" as I expect it to be.

       And I really hope the team can bring a bit more customization to the end-user in addition to the "intelligent" automatic setup which is great for non-experienced users but may not always match expectation of everybody.

      Thank you for your time and support! 

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    • Yann FREMONT 

      I fully understand that you would like to have more customization options. The reason for mapping for mediaplayers Reverse/Forward to the channel button is exactly because people like to have hard buttons. For 80% or so of all media players this makes sense. At the moment we cannot define a different mapping for a specific device, it's all automatic according to the device type. But yes, we are planning to add more customization options within future firmware releases.

      Regarding the menu/guide key - short press opens guide. But long press should still open the menu. This is another default mapping for DVB devices (and TVs). I think there is no remapping on your side necessary.

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