Any progress with NEEO?

What are you working on? I see almost no Progress, there are still a lot of Things not really working in a nice Way. The Product still doesn't really feel ready!

Out of only the first Page in Idea Voting (sorted by Most likes), out of 25 Ideas:
- 2 completed, altought
-- the IKEA Tradfri Integration could be way better, better look and feel
-- Rearange Screen is not that big of a Deal.
- 3 planned, but planned since how long? Whats the Progress there
- all the 20 other ones.. whats with them? (I'm not saying that everything should be done of these)
and there are a lot of other nice Ideas which should be implemented in order to make NEEO nice and usable...

I also see a lot of other People claiming NEEO is just not ready, what are you doing against this?

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