Emotiva Fusion 8100 power On delay

Hi !

I use an Emotiva Fusion 8100 AVR with an external amp and the delay to power up the device is slightly too short causing the input switching to fail, I have to click a second time on the recipe to be sure that the AVR has the correct input.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I use it as a preamp, I don't know.

It is version 4 of the device, firmware is 0.51.13.

I have measured the power on delay to be around 13/14 seconds depending on the last volume (the AVR raise the volume by 0.5 step on power on).

Could you update the device since the delay option does not currently work as expected ?

Thank you very much and tell me if you need more information :)

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  • Romain Prevost This should be no big issue to be done by Andy He is responsible for adding new devices and changing them in the NEEO Device Database. He works at norma<l business hours in Swiss, so he most likely will reply tomorrow.

  • Romain Prevost

    Changed! The new data appears around 12AM CET. Please update your device according to this guide. Because of a small bug it will tell you that there is no update. But it will still be updated. If it fails anyway to update, deleting and re-adding the device will do the job for sure.

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