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Hi gang - while the backgrounds provided from the factory are nice and all - what's the story with customizing these? For example the ability to use one color for one recipe a different for another recipe and so on would be beneficial. At a glance we can then tell what's on the remote, so to speak. Not to mention, the designer in me wants to change them up!

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  • Hi Peet!

    We have a fully documented SDK and API. You can learn more about it by clicking on the following link:

    Let me know if you have any other questions and hope this helps :).


    Jeff Z

  • That makes no sense - buying a Pronto, RTI or even the oft compared Logitech, we are given a toolset that lets us work on the layouts and do basic customizations. While I am a web developer, the last thing I need to do is sling code after waiting over two years for this kickstarter. That is ridiculous and really not something you should expect of your clients in general. I mean, heck, what percentage of your buyers even know what an SDK and API is? Nope nope nope. Please get the front-end app to at least do the basics and if third parties write apps to manage the remote - great, I'd love to know about it and maybe even pay for something.

  • Dont know if this is the right topic. My remote doesn’t show the background anymore, it’s just black. Is this a setting or did it break down?

    • Mark verschuuren thats the design of the update. 

      go to settings - neeo brain - classic UI to change it back

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  • Well that was easy :). Looks way better again.

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