WiFi Connection

I have some questions regarding the WiFi performance.

1. Does the NEEO remote uses standard WiFi to connect with its brain?
2. Does it connects when I pick up the remote or is it always connected?
3. Does it responds/transmit instantly when I pick it up (from an idle state) and press a button (ie OK/Pause), or is there an initial lag while connecting to WiFi from idle?

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  • Lucas Standard 2,4 GHz WiFi is used for the communication. Their can be a direct connection between the Brain and the Remote (called NEEO Link) this works with the 6lowPAN standard.

    The Remote reconnects when picking it up. The remote disconnect after a defined time in idle.

    The Button Press is send when the connection was successfull, it is buffered, so if you press a button and the remote has a lag of connection the signal is on hold for a defined time.

      • Lucas
      • Lucas
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Markus Mahr Thanks for all the details. I like the buffering approach while the handshake is in progress, hopefully it will deal with impatient Press-repeats gratefully.

      BTW is the 'time to idle' user configurable?

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