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Am I the only one finding it near impossible to make heads or tails of threads when the newest posts are not at the bottom of the pages? Interweaving replies all the way up and down the page is a mess IMHO.

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  • We have enabled the so called nested replies cause it it sometimes comes very handy to be able to put a reply in between, unfortunately this seems to end up in a bit of a mess as it looks now.

    Should we rather ask users to use nested replies or should we just disabled them? Would be interesting to hear some opinions.

      • Michael Hebert
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      Nested is fine if everyone used them

    • Patrick I love the nested feature as it makes it clear the comment is a reaction to the parent comment. Maybe a personal setting?!

    • Niels de Klerk 

      Regarding the attributability I agree. However, it can be hard to even find the right reply.

      Take this thread as an example: I can see from the overview that you added a new post (additional critique: when a person has a long user name or a "Top Contributor" badge, I regularly cannot see the time when the last comment was made).

      However, I need to scroll up and down through the thread to finally discover where your comment actually is.

      Furthermore one sometimes replies to one person, which however is relevant for the whole discussion. Where do you add it? Nested or on the bottom? Again: Take this thread as an example. Right now I have one comment at the very bottom plus this one here. If someone would like to reply to both of my statements, should he do so in one comment (where?) or even twice?

      I'd say quoting or mentioning is a much better solution to this.

  • My preference is to just disable them. It is confusing and difficult to follow. Encourage opening a new topic if it not directly related to the original post.

  • When I revisit a thread I am practically always looking for new content, new replies. They are next to impossible to find when nesting is used.

    Nesting also destroys the chronology in a thread.

    My vote goes to disabling nesting all together.

  • I would also ask that nesting be disabled.

  • I vote to disabling nesting... 

  • I prefer disabeling as well. Maybe also add sorting so we can see latest replies on top? But disabeling would help a lot in clearity

  • I have to agree. In the beginning I appreciated it. However, as soon as threads are getting longer and the platform keeps filling, it is starting to become a bit messy.

    Another idea to improve the overview would be to add an "unread posts" counter next to the topics... Don't know whether that's technically possible but I'd appreciate it.

  • +1 on disabling nested comments

  • Thank you all for the feedback! We'll discuss this internally, I also need to check out how already posted nested replies behave when disabling this feature.

    We'll be adding more categories pretty soon here on Planet NEEO, that should also help to get a much better overview.

  • Any news?

  • Hope there is some news on this soon. I unfortunately find myself avoiding planet NEEO for this main reason. It's so frustrating to use. I think activity would increase if it was easier to read and find what you want to see

  • Same here, please change the settings 🙂

  • I also agree to disable nesting, it currently is difficult to see the latest replies especially if you only visit the site every couple of days.  If possible in a future update it would be nice to have the option of opening responses inline by clicking on a link, see for an example of how they do it, I think it is based on discourse forum software.  

  • +1 to disable. Nightmare finding new information which we all currently crave, especially on delivery info. In UK so further delayed for CE accreditation which I thought had already been obtained - or at least I thought it was mentioned in a blog post ages ago.

  • We will have to implement some scripts to handle this properly. When we just disable these right now they get sorted differently, this would then result in an even bigger mess. 

    James Houghton All required certificates have been approved, no further testing needed. 

    • Patrick ...very exciting, thank you and congrats! In which case (and sorry to hijack thread) any new news on UK pre-order (early 2016) shipping? TIA

  • It's good to hear you are working on it. :-)
    It is sorely needed!