beolink gateway integration

Anybody tried to integrate NEEO with a BeoLink Gateway?

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  • We are able to control many B&O devices already over RI, butI don't think somebody from our users has tried writing a full integration for BeoLink yet. Do you happen to know if there is an official SDK available for that?

  • What equipment do you have?  Might be easier to just treat the Neeo like a Beo4/Beo6 and trigger via IR.

  • Intention is to implement 2 way integration, for example:

    so that you can switch on zwave lights through the Beovision on-screen menu for home automation. and otherway around to select a song and play on a Beosound Moment

  • Well, then IR is not really a solution. What kind of interfaces does the beolink offer? How could it communicate with NEEO? Is there something like event forwarding or even and SDK / API?

    When it comes to B&O it is really not easy to get informations like that.

    • Patrick The Beolink Gateway offers IP integration.

      • Patrick@NEEO
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      • Patrick
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Jochen Bonne Cool, didn't know that. Then that should be no problem by using our SDK.

      Should we maybe move this over to the idea voting section?

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