TV audio through Sonos Play 5

I have 2 TVs setup to use Sonos Play5s for audio output (via mini aux cables).  So far I have not been able to figure out how to tell the Neeo to control the volume on the Sonos when I press volume up/down buttons.  I did see that there is the option of using shortcuts, but that becomes cumbersome because the user must scroll to another screen to adjust the volume.  Is there a way that I can resolve this issue?

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  • I need to talk about that to our developers, after a quick talk to our engineers I unfortunately have to say that this is not yet possible.

    Would it be sufficient to have that in our Sonos integration or would you want to use that step from within recipes too?

    What sources do you use that make you use the audio in?

  • Well, it seems like it would be optimal if you were asked how you handle the audio when you set up your TV.  Many people don't use the built in speakers.  In my case, I think the sound is much better running through a Sonos Play5 just using an auxiliary cable.  If the built in hard volume and mute buttons controlled the audio through the Sonos, that would be optimal.  Otherwise I need to jump to another screen and use a slider with a recipe (or open up Sonos).  I would think if the NEEO knew what audio source was being used by the TV, it could then direct that device with the built in hard buttons.  I also use the same speakers at other times via the regular Sonos integrated system, so they fill dual roles.

  • When I was setting up my Neeo I had problems with the recipe.  I finally concluded that the wrong question was being asked during the setup.  With the advent up pass-through audio and optical cable, asking how your system is wired on a basic level is the wrong question to ask.  The correct question should be "how do you want to control the audio".   After I realized this I was able to use the sound bar to control the audio.  The video goes directly to the television via HDMI from a satellite TV box but the audio passes through the TV via an optical cable to the soundbar.  I am sure there are hundreds of setups similar to mine using optical or ARC. 

    • Bob Denney
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    • Bob_Denney
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Similar issue to mine posted about Sonos Connact:amp for TV Audio.  

  • Thanks a lot for the feedback. We are aware of this issue, when using AVRs the wiring works very good, but when using Soundbars or other devices that are not wired in between the source device in the TV we need to add more questions screens.

    In most cases, this can be solved by manually editing the recipes. let me know if you need further assistance.

    The option to choose a Sonos as the volume controller (over IP) is coming up one of the very next releases. 

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      • JG
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      • 3 yrs ago
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      Patrick Which release would that be? Just so I know what to look for.

      Thanks BTW!!!

      • Patrick@NEEO
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      • Patrick
      • 3 yrs ago
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      JG We'll do an announcement once that is read here on Planet NEEO including release/change notes. I can't tell you an exact day yet, but this will be happening soon.

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