IR Extender not working

Anyone else having issues getting the IR extender to send signals? I'm trying to turn on a TV in another room where the extender is located. If I move the brain into that room it works perfectly. Not sure if there is a distance issue. Its located within 10ft of the TV. 

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  • I have it set up without issue.   In fact the extender is running over Cat5 to the brain in my basement rack and I still have connectivity with the remote.  Now mine is positioned directly under my tv.   I will move it and see how it works. 

  • Bob Denney Could you tell us a bit more about that setup with the Cat5 and the IR Extender? Sounds very interesting. 

  • It turns out I needed the extender to be much closer than where I had it. It almost has to be within five feet for it to work. I am curious about Bob's use of Cat5 as well! Neat. 

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  • I have my extender literally on the TV and i still can't get it to work.  I put in a ticket, hopefully it is user error :)

  • @Adam S I have a ticket in as well, but I also asked for the expected range so that we know what would be considered working or not.

  • Eric Norton  Patrick  apologizes for the delay in response, was traveling for my real job this week.    When I built our house, I head ran 6xCat5 from every point we have a TV to a central room.   Additionally all my local sources are contained in a closet or cupboard in each room with HDMI and Cat 5 ran between this location and the TV (Cable is cheap).  So for my main floor office, I have connected the blaster to RJ45 to 3.5mm Stereo adapter and use my Cat 5 cable to run it to the brain that is currently located in the server room in the basement.   The 2 pack was $20 Canadian free shipping.  I could make them cheaper, but lacked the patience to do so.  

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      Bob Denney Wow, didn0't know these! Thanks for posting!

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