How to report a device specific bug

Whenever you are having device specific issues, we do ask you to include the information below. This way our device driver team has all the required information right away to analyze and fix the issue.


Manufacturer:                      E.g. Sony

Model Name:                      E.g. UDP-500
Device Type:                       E.g. Blu-ray Player, HDMI Switch, etc.

Device Data Version:           1. Open the settings in the NEEO App
                                             2. Click on „Devices“
                                             3. Click on the device which is causing issues
                                             4. In the pop-up, not the number behind "Version"

Firmware Version (Brain):    1. Open the settings in the NEEO App
                                             2. Scroll down and click on „About“
                                             3. Note the NEEO Brain Firmware version 

Last working data version: If the device never worked before, keep it blank.


Please do make sure that you have the latest driver for the device by following this guide. In case no command work at all or if the commands are generally sluggish, try to re-position the Brain before reporting it. The Brain has to be in a line of sight with the infrared receiver at the device you want to control.


Try to include as much information as you can, but keep the report as specific as possible to the device. If you are having troubles with more then one device, please do separate reports. Which exact commands do cause trouble? Which commands do work? Do they not work at all or just sometimes?

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