Nothing works

i like the form factor but for the life of me I can't get recipes to work, let alone devices to work as expect independently.

steps are skipped, devices are in the wrong state, i turn 3 recipes on and ony two shop up.

really really frustrated 

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  • Hi,  Jeff Anderson. Thank you for your feedback and I'm very sorry to hear about that. Please help me to understand how I can help you. 
    What device do you like to control? What steps in the recipe are skipped? Did you create one of the recipes manually? Is your brain in a good position to transmit IR signals? 

    Could you please post a screenshot of your recipes, that we can check out the steps.  

  • I create a recipe to turn on a Sony TV, a FIOS set top box and a Boston Acoustics Sound Wave system.   Each has been added and has a driver supported by Neeo.

    However I can't figure out how to get a recipe to work.  What order should they be turn on?  The TV seems to work the best but the other two not so much.

    I'll build a recipe that turns each on but the FIOS box doesn't go on or I can't change the channels.   Or the BA sound control doesn't wants to control the sound via the TV.

    I don't have a recipe created at the moment because i keep deleting them trying new things.


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    • Jeff Anderson 

      I would change the input at the end of recipe, but definitely not right after powering on the TV.

    • Paul Spee I'll move it but have tried all these things in different order with same results.

  • hi Jeff Anderson

    is the brain able to "see" all devices you like to control?

    when you add custom recieps, you can not see the state of them. also you are not able to change hardware buttons. if you wane do that you have to use a auto builded reciepe.

    can you make a picture of your setup?

  • Jeff Anderson First off, I'd like to share some general information with you to help understand how we go about recipes.  In general, the recipes reflect use cases and not individual devices. Basically, there should be no need for you to manually create recipes as the basic recipes should be created for you automatically.

    As nuro proposed, if you could share a pic we could help with the positioning of the NEEO Brain.


    Since I honestly don't know in which state your recipes are right now, I would recommend taking the following steps:

    1. Delete all the recipes you have manually created. In the NEEO App, go to the settings on the top right, then choose recipes. You can now click on the individual recipes, if you have the option to delete them, go ahead and do so (automatically created recipes do not have this option.

    2. Reset the wiring of all devices by going to the settings in the NEEO App and choosing "Devices". Click on each device and choose reset wiring.

    3. Make sure you have all the devices added (TV, Set-Top-Box and Sound System and other devices)

    You should now have a pretty clean setup again from which we can continue to do the setup.


    If you now go to the home screen in the NEEO App, you should just see very few icons with a red exclamation mark. Let's say you added TV, Set-Top-Box and Sound System, you will only see one single icon representing the Set-Top Box, the one for the TV and for the Sound System are hidden away. The one recipe for the set-top box will handle all devices.

    You can now go ahead and click on the icon with the red exclamation mark, NEEO will then guide you through the wiring, based on the questions you are giving, the recipe will be created for you.

    Let us know how that works out.


    I guess I need a little more information on the Sound System. Is that wired in between the TV and the Set-Top Box? Or is this wired behind the TV and the audio signal goes from the set-top box over the TV to the Sound System? In case one you should be all covered, in the second case you would have to adjust the automatically created recipes as follows:

    1. In the "Power ON" part of the recipes, add the Power On Command for the sound system in the beginning of the recipe.

    2. In the "Power ON" part of the recipes after the delay step, add the Input Command for the sound system.

    3. In the "Power ON" part of the recipes, edit the step "Use Volume" to use the volume of your audio system.

    4. In the "Powered OFF" part of the recipe, add the Power Off command for your audio system.


    Hope that helps and that this is somehow clear, if not do not hesitate to ask.

  • I'll let you know how it goes.  As far as physical setup, everything is next to each other, the brain is next to the TV but behind it and the IR sensor is in front of everything.  I don't think that's the issue.

  • the brain is the IR transmitter.. it has to reach every IR of your devices.. 

  • The 'blaster' is sitting out in front .... isnt' that good enough?

    • Jeff Anderson i don't know.. if i would be in your position i would place the brain in front of all devices to test if everything works well.. if this solves the problem you know you have to rearange your setup :)

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