OPPO UDP-203 handling separate outputs for audio and video

Hi All

I have an Oppo UDP-203 (4k bluray player), a 4K tv and a non 4K video switching amp.


The blu ray player has 2 outputs. One carries a 4k signal to the TV and the other carries a audio signal to the amp.


How do I set this up on my neeo? There are 2 options, connected via the amp or connected directly to the TV.

This is both.
When I select the blu ray player I need to turn on my amp, turn on the tv, turn on the blu ray player, set the tv to the blu ray player input and set the amp to the blu ray player input....



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  • Hi Giles Roadnight, I have exactly the same setup. I recommend to set up 'via AV', that way the volume buttons control the AV; later you open the recipe (launching) and change the Input of your TV to the right HDMI, that's it :) Also, i also use the oppo to play sa/CDs so i wanted to have a recipe without the TV. For that i added the oppo a second time and renamed the new device 'SA/CD'. again you need to setup the connection 'via AV'; a TV is added by default; later you open the recipe 'SA/CD' and simply remove the TV..

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  • Giles Roadnight please try what Nikolaus Zahn wrote. If there are still issues after you tried, please let us know. 


    Nikolaus Zahn thank you for your post.


    Best Regards,

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  • Many thanks to both.

    I actually managed to figure it out myself by adding the av receiver to the recipe .

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  • Giles Roadnight  Great! :D Thank you for the feedback. Best Regards,

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