Cambridge Audio Minx Xi - IR code issue for Power ON

I use Cambridge Audio Minx Xi Digital Music System to handle all the audio in my setup. It's not marked as "stupid" device but I noticed that 'POWER ON' IR code doesn't work when I have added the device to a recipe. Powering the device worked fine when I added the device: in the section where you can test and play with some buttons e.g. Power on/off.

I found that I can test the commands by myself from the recipe 'Edit this recipe' > 'Add step' > 'Send command to a device' > 'Minx Xi' > e.g. 'Power ON' > 'Test', so I tested following buttons:

  • Power ON = doesn't work (nothing happens)
  • Power OFF = works fine
  • Power Toggle = works fine

Maybe 'Power Toggle' command was used in the adding phase? But in the recipe it uses the 'Power On' which might send wrong IR code or no IR code at all?

I found from the Cambridge Audio support site the IR codes (PDF attached) so if You could check that are those correctly inserted and used especially in 'Power On' case?!


Andy  Can You help here?

Thanks in advance! 


PS. I received my NEEO today so I'm really excited to get my setup working. :)

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  • Miikka Myllylä Hi, thank you for your feedback, I will forward your request to the Device Driver Team, we will keep you updated as soon as possible. Regards,

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    • Emily Thanks! :)

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      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Miikka Myllylä 

      This was just fixed! The new data appears around 7PM CET. Please update your device according to this guide. Thanks!

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    • Andy 

      I just tested and it works! Big Thanks!

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