Transport Widgets

Andy Patrick Howdy Boys.  Really enjoying my NEEO.  With your help, I have been able to tweak most things to meet my needs and I would like to make a suggestion which I will add to idea voting as well, as I am not sure if it would be a quick fix, or have to be addressed in a future update.  Currently there are several available TRANSPORT WIDGETS, of which PLAY/PAUSE/STOP, PLAY/PAUSE, REW/FF and SKIP BACK/SKIP FORWARD are options.  It would make it much easier to operate a DVR if there was a REW/PLAY/FF widget with play in the middle.  Current widgets could be adjusted, or just adding a new widget may be less work.  I think this would make it much easier/faster to hit the buttons without having to look at the screen when skipping commercials.  Thanks.

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