Let the User Switch between TV / Projector

I have a TV and a Projector. My AVR has two HDMI Output, both on. It would be nice, to let the User easily Switch between the two (turn off TV, turn on Projector and vice Versa), without Adding e.g. a second Receipt for TV or Media/Movie. And you should be able to select the default Device which gets started normally.

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  • What you’re requesting is essentially to have the ability to create a shortcut (button) to a recipe. Is this correct?

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    • Niels de Klerk yeah, that would work. I guess, you would need two Buttons, one for turn off TV/Projector on and one for vice versa? Sounds more like a Workaround?
      Might work if its a bit more "intelligent". Shortcut combined with conditions, e.g. if TV is on, show shortcut to Receip which turns TV off and projector on. If Projector is on, shortcut to Receipt which turns Projector off and TV on.

      Other idea is: pressing e.g. the TV Receipt Button, run "default" Receip where TV is used. Long press shows menu with alternate Receip e.g. use Projector + AVR instead of TV or other alternates like use AVR for Sound instead of only TV.

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  • This would be nice.  I have the same setup and have to create two recipes for each media source.  

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  • I just received my remote, and have the same issue. What is the best way to implement a tv and a projector.  A toggle switch between the two would be nice. Anybody fix this in a nice way?

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  • I have exactly same setup. What needs to be fixed is the configuration screen too: it asks you where is your AVR attached to: projector or TV? Well, to both, but I can click only one.

    I will give it a try in the next days and see if I come up with some solution for me. 

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  • Totally agree with this topic. The Logitech way work good, but is ugly, then there have to be one extra recipe for all recipes. NEEO design and function team should really get together to make a beautiful solution, with long press smart icons or something els. And they have to think about number of clicks. fewer is better :-)

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  • I got this reply from Neeo in my thread:


    I'm not sure i follow the answer, but decided to wait for the promised BIG update, which hopefully will resolve this issue. Just hopes this comes before new year!

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    • Tord Solheim Damn, just read this from Raphael: Realistically it’s going to be sometime in January. Thanks!

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  • As this issue wasn't resolved in this "BIG" update, and i doubt it will be addressed in the next gui update, I still wonder what you guys find is the best way to switch between TV and Projector? I only used the 'switch to projector' and 'switch to tv' recipes, but i'm not happy with that solution. Maybe i should try the 'two recipes per source' solution to see if that works better.

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    • Tord Solheim I don't use such a case, but in my imagination i would make two Rooms (One called TV Living Room and one called Beamer Living Room (or else)) and then setup everything twice in the rooms, so you only need to select between the rooms what you actually like to use.

      This for sure can end up in Two times running recipes, but i would also add a Power Off (if TV and Beamer are not Stupid) to each start of the Recipe for the oposite device.

      All this until a better solutoion is implemented. (Best in my imagination would be to Pop-Up a banner (with Timeout 10 sec then start TV / user selectable timespan, or endless) which asks the User which Destination device he would like to use and if selection is done, the recipe gets executed. ( Patrick Raphael Hint to file it in you System ;-) )

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    • Tord Solheim I use two additional recipes: TV and projector. But for me a nice solution would be to add a button(s) for the output to one of the screens of the main recipe (i.e. watch cable tv). This would mean a recipe to have a sub recipe driven by a parameter (output type). Output could be preserved between runs of the recipe or not - depending on what user wants. 

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    • Markus Mahr my opinion would be an extra pop up will be disturbing in most of the uses - I watch on the tv most of the time and rarely on the projector. Unless it does not delay me to use the recipe at all, so maybe could be displayed together with the circle showing recipe execution progress. Anyway in my case I noticed in almost all cases I want to switch to the projector when already watching on the tv, not when it is powered off. Additionally, switching to the projector requires dropping down the automated screen, so it must be realized as a configurable (sub) recipe. 

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    • I think the tv/projector solution should aim to fulfill every user scenario if possible.

      • Only watch on tv.
      • Only watch on projector.
      • I might be watching cable on the tv when a movie comes on and i want to see it on the projector.
      • I might start with a movie on the projector, but when the movie is over I want to watch some cable on the tv.

      The solutions I know of:     (not possible today)

      1. Use two rooms setup, one for tv and one for projector. (cons: difficult to instantly switch between tv and projector screens)
      2. Use two recipes for each source 'watch cable on tv' or 'watch cable on projector'. (cons: double amount of source recipes on the remote)
      3. Use two extra recipes for 'watch on tv' and 'watch on projector' (cons: difficulties when switching source and powering down. You need to default startup on tv, then switch to projector)
      4. Use a toggle switch 'TV/Projector' (cons: same as above)
      5. Long press a source to watch on projector (cons: none??)

      I was hoping to do a factory reset of my setup after this BIG update, but now I don't know if it's worth it as I really don't see much difference from before. Maybe after the next GUI update, it should be worth it and also try a new tv/projector solution.

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    • Tord Solheim what if there was a possibility to define a group of recipes that could not be running in parallel - only one from the group would be allowed to run and enabling a recipe within a group would deactivate the other running recipe and use some intelligent logic to execute power off steps for devices which are not used in the new recipe. This should solve all the use cases described above. And perhaps some magic could be used to classify automatically which recipes must not run in parallel (like using the same source device? I don’t know.)

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    • Pawel Pieczul Yes maybe that would work.. To be honest I'm not trying to solve this issue for Neeo. I'm just trying to find the best temporary solution until Neeo presents us with a fix for this kind of dual screen setup.

      Did any of you experiment with different solutions for this, and maybe find what worked best??

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    • Tord Solheim I have these two extra recipes tv and projector that switch them on. But frankly speaking until last update I had not used NEEO remote at all because of the stupid devices issue. Now it is solved for me so I can struggle with new things. Apart from the outputs I still would like to see improvements to the favorite channels handling and the ability to open channel info without going to the screen menu. But that is a different story. 

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  • Patrick Can Neeo please advise us on what is the best practice for users with both a TV and projector?

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  • Will there ever be a Solution for this?? I do have some custome Recipe to Switch to my Projector (Turn off tv, turn on projector, and vice versa). But then when I want to Power Down my "Movie & Media" Recipe, after switched to my Projector, my Projector stays on as in the "Movie & Media" Recipe the Procetor is not in. So thats a pain, then I need to somehow have a Shortcut to turn off the Procector, but as my Recipe is already powerd down, no more Shurtcut, So I need a extra Recipe to Power Off my Projector...  not that nice... Workaround is a extra Step in my Power Down to turn off the Projector (even if its not on..)

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