Just noticed that Neeo shows up in HomeKit. Is this something that came with the new firmware?

Got a message about it being uncertifed, but it was stille possible to «add» it, however missing the security code I wasn’t able to complete the process. 

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  • Might as well add that the «default» code 031-45-154 doesn’t work. 

    • Henning Naarlien-Tolpinr it’s not officially supported, but in there since day one. Try 63366336

    • Niels de Klerk Thanks, was able to pair and add all the receipes (I guess) as on/off switches. Doesn’t show the correct status for my IKEA Trådfri light groups, though, but it does show that my Apple TV is «on», and we did trigger that from Neeo earlier. 

    • Henning Naarlien-Tolpinr as far as I know it’s just a proof of concept at this point and very basic. But fun to play with.

  • Didn't realize this was even there. I've been using the Homebridge module that Humayun Hasan made. It similarly just lets you turn recipes on and off but it works well and even that small level of integration is enjoyable with a HomePod in the house letting you turn things on while walking to couch and before you've gotten to the remote.

  • It’s in there since day 1. But not officially so apart from some hints it is never made official 

      • Jonnoy
      • Jonnoy
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Niels de Klerk thanks for the code Niels, had a play with it briefly and finding that it is working surprisingly well!

  • Just tested it out and it works great from what I can tell. Exactly the same as how the Homebridge integration worked. It's not full HomeKit integration but it's something.

  • Does anyone know how to get the pop up message in the Apple Home app to add the NEEO?  I’ve tried to add it by number 63366336 it acceptes the number and then start searching for devices but doesn’t find any. Really want this to work so please help! Thanks

    • Jeroen den Dunnen try rebooting the brain. Maybe that helps.

    • Niels de Klerk I think that worked, because I can now add it to the Home app. That said I also waited a lot longer to find NEOO, so both solutions or a combination was the key ;)

    • Niels de Klerk Quick question, I’m having an communication issue with my Homekit integration. Even after rebooting the brain severla times it keeps saying ‘no response’ (geen reactie). Do you have any idea or experience with this kind of problem?

      best regards, Jeroen

    • Jeroen den Dunnen can you find the devices when using the home app? Anything changed on your network? 

    • Niels de Klerk Hi Niels, thank you for the the quick response. I found the solution for the problem. It’s saidly isn’t clear to me what the real solution was because I found out it worked again after two sepperate action. 1) was to connect the brain to the wifi network 2) to clear the cache of the brain. I personally think it was the last that solved the problem. But I can’t be sure. Just wanted to let you know. An maybe help others in the near future ;) Thanks!

    • Jeroen den Dunnen I’ve had similar issues. Twice with hue and once with our thermostat. Had to redo all HomeKit configuration then. Once had made changes to my network that seem to cause it. Weird stuff.

  • Hello,


    I‘ve got an Question before I buy the NEEO Combo. Is it possible to control Homekit devices (like the Elgato Eve Devices) with a NEEO Remote? 



    I want an Scene that power on the Eve Energy, than start the Smart TV and set the right income signal with NEEO.


    Is this possible? Or will it be possible?

    Also it would be great if you can Control all the Homekit devices from the Neeo like in the Home App on iPhone so guests can control the same as you without be a part of your „Home Group“.


    Sorry for my bad English :P


    Best regards