Toshiba Fire TV Edition Back from HDMI

Hi all, NEEO noob here. (2 days) and wonder if this has come up and has a solution. (searched, not found) When using the Toshiba TV Fire Edition (TF-50A810U19) I created a recipe that Powers on the TV, Powers on the Apple TV 5 (4k ed.) and switches to HDMI2(for the Apple TV). When it powers off, the Apple TV doesn't turn off. (that seems to be a known issue with Apple TVs and is not a big deal) Is there a way to switch it out of HDMI 2? The Fire TV starts up in Fire TV menu mode, no tuner or box or ports at all. I can force it back to the menu by starting the TV recipe and long holding the back button after, would like it to make the switch on it's own. Is this too confusing? Sounds confusing now that I have typed it out. Even the ability to automatically start a recipe from a recipe? or is it just stacking the TV startup steps to the power down steps of the other?

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  • I'm sorry it's indeed confusing but i think i can help. hope at least ;-).

    You are able to change the startup and shutdown part of a recipe. so if you want the TV to change to HDMI1 when you power off the recipe then that's posible.

    With holding the back button on the remote do you mean the NEEO remote or the original remote? When holding the back button in the NEEO remote for a TV i believe the exit button is sent. You can include all recipies with the exit button either in startup or shutdown part of the recipe depending on your wishes and how your TV is behaving on that.

    My LG TV has a similar issue. The input Tuner button changes the TV to it's tuner but when it's allready on the tuner then it toggles between Radio and Tv channels. this and the fact the TV memorizes it's last input makes it quite unpredictable. I added the "digit 1" and a "ok" command to get a consistant working. even if the TV switches to radio (1000+ channel range) it changes back to channel 1 every time i start the TV. The "ok" command makes the switching a bit faster. This story isn't a solution for your problem but I hope it helps you find a nice workaround as well.

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